How do you tie a scarf around your neck?

  1. I must be stupid because I can't figure it out. How do you tie a scarf around your neck? I guess I need visuals because I have read directions and I obviously can follow them. Please help the scarf impaired :sos:
  2. check out some of the threads on the Hermes forum, there are lots of pictures of the girls wearing scarves different ways and I believe I saw a few that had instructions on how they did it.
  3. go to you can download 2 pdf files with pics. you can also check out great reference. i have it book marked. i'm wearing the square knot right now. good luck. i just discovered a love of scarves. so fun!
  4. oh, thank you! I too am scarf impaired and I have several I would love to wear!

    thank you!!!!:yes: :yes:
  5. thanks so much! You guys are life savers in any fashion delima!