How do you tie a perfect bow using a bandeau?

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  1. I just got the Aquarelle bandeau to tie onto my Aquarelle speedy 35 next month. Just wondering if anyone can instruct me on how to tie a perfect bow on your purse?
  2. Well I can't say mine is perfect but I absolutely love bows and have practiced a bit, so I can show you pics that I took before to help another tpf on how I tied my bordeaux one to my Tivoli GM if you would like.
  3. I don't have one so I am no help but Congrats on your new bandeau
  4. pixiefrog you are too cute!
  5. Pixie ,love the fact you love green ( its my favorite color) and also love how you did that bow thank you for the demonstration will def use it.
  6. That Aquarelle bandeau is gorgeous! I got mine 3 weeks ago and I use it as a scarf. I wish I could show you how to tie it onto your Aquarelle Speedy 35, but Pixiefrog's pic demo is great! Anyway, congrats on your new bandeau! :love:
  7. pratice makes perfect... just keep doing it until you get a perfect one hehe it usually takes me 2 tries.
  8. I also got my Aquarelle bandeau around 3 weeks ago and have yet to use it. I plan to use it as a head band once I get my Aquarelle speedy.
  9. Congrats on the bandeau!

    and pixiefrog... that is too cute!

    That is exactly how I tie the bandeaus onto my bf's mom's bags lol! She was big into that last spring!
  10. O:huh:OOOOOOo:huh:oo ur lucky! i love that bandeau. I just tie a bow.
  11. thanks pixiefrog, that's cute.
  12. Great demo! I love that bag and bandeau, nice combination. I've been thinking about a bandeau but I can't decide which one would be the most versatile.
  13. I've never really liked any of the bandeaus before. I never really felt I had any use for them. But I couldn't pass up the watercolor one. It's too pretty.