How Do You Think MC Priscilla/Alma?

  1. I am thinking to buy a MC white for summer; and I like both Priscilla and Alma. I only want to use the bag for weekend/shopping, not everyday use. Maybe Priscilla is more suitable for weekend? I need your help!
  2. Priscilla !!!!
  3. alma gets my vote, its so gorgeous in person.
  4. The Priscilla has a wide base and is a little chunky. I am petite and it didn't look so hot on me. If you're looking for something a little sleeker take a look at the Trouville. It is a beauty too. If you're still keen on the Priscilla or Alma I vote Alma.

  5. I vote for the alma
  6. Alma
  7. I'd get the Priscilla.
  8. I also think you should check out the Trouvile but if that doesn't interest you I vote for the priscilla.
  9. Priscilla, or like others said, Trouville
  10. Thanks everyone! Actully I like Trouvile too. Now I have to think the three beautiful bags.
  11. Alma or Trouville
  12. Priscilla or even the trouville! Both are very cute bags!
  13. Priscilla!!
  14. I get so much use out of my Priscilla. It's a very structured bag so it's much easier to keep organized. I vote for Priscilla! :graucho:
  15. Alma gets my vote because it has beautiful studs and such a classy shape! It will be eye-catching in white!

    Priscilla is cute too but has a chunky shape as someone has mentioned...It was meant to be shaped like a bowling bag, that's why. Between the two I'd say Alma!