How do you think Louis Vuitton determines their prices?

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  1. i have been thinking about this since looking at the Totally MM, i think it's more expensive than comparable bags. The Cabas line had about the same price while it has a vachetta bottom

    Why do you think the totally line is more expensive than the Speedy/Neverfull/Delightful and even the epi speedy?
  2. Most of the time I think LV throws a dart to determine pricing. But as far as the Totally goes, I imagine it's hard to make. Think of the speedy - a piece of canvas rolled into a tube, some sides. The Totally has more cuts, and the outside pockets - I wish I had one in front of me to count how many different cuts there were.
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  4. I think the Totally is a much much sturdier bag with thicker straps and nicely stitched pockets. It seems like it's worth the difference. At one time I considered an NF but now I realized they are just not for me. I like something sturdier like the Totally.
  5. cost + 100% mark up at least?
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    Slightly more on topic (only slightly!) I think it's good that the Totally doesn't have vachetta. But there are some bags where I don't get the pricing - like the more expensive bags that have the textile lining instead of the good stuff. I will say I'd happily pay a little more if their hardware weren't so prone to chipping!
  7. I Have No Clue How LV Determines Their Prices. But I Do Think Some Of There Bags That Are Mostly If Not Only Made Of Canvas Are A Bit Overpriced, But That Is Just My Opinion!:flowers:
  8. I got a totally when they were first released (nearly 2 yrs ago) and the price had actually dropped by a few hundred $AU a few months later! I couldn't believe it! Although I'm not sure on how louis vuitton determines prices, I it may be dependent on many factors like: popularity/how well it sells and the process it takes to make it ?
  9. ^^I agree. Popularity and how well it sells, I think, are good indicators of how much it will cost.

    Bags like the Speedy and NF, they can afford to sell at "lower" prices, although we can agree that they're still not cheap, because everyone wants them. Some people consider these "entry level", which may be why they cost a little less, also.
  10. LVMH undoubtedly has the resources to hire some of the best consulting firms in the world for price determination, it is likely that the cost of materials and labor do not play a large role in determination of price as the cost to make a speedy can be estimated to be less than 200 dollars. All the pieces are machine cut and sewing is done on machines mostly.
    What adds to the costs significantly is advertising, legal issues (counterfeiting), and other corporate costs such as financing Murakami. I love Louis Vuitton products and have to agree that the quality is excellent, just not as excellent as the price would justify or they would have us believe.