How do you think Chanel will change without Karl Lagerfeld?

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  1. I was wondering how you all thought Chanel would would change without Karl Lagerfeld? It is still hard to believe he is gone. I think realistically there will be changes to the collections but I don’t know if there will be drastic change. It is going to be very interesting to see Virginie Viard’s first collection.
  2. I don't expect much change for a while. I think her job, initially, is to take over smoothly and without much disruption to the brand. Her time for uniqueness will come later, in my opinion. Karl L. probably left a lot of ideas for seasons to come that they can work from.
  3. I don’t think Karl died without leaving any succession plan. He’s not like that and his death isn’t unexpected. He’s old and his health must show. I think they have the directions of where they should be. And since Viard has been with him for so long, probably they’d have work together and have it down.
  4. I was very sadden by the news and KL would always be irreplaceable to me....
    I'm sure VV is brilliant but I'm not sure about her style yet. She has some huge shoes to fill.
    I remain to be skeptical.
    Even with the classic leather collection (not much design changes can be done there), I will wait and see whether the quality standard is uphold.
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  5. I really hope it will change a lot ,Chanel need to stop these crazy price increases it’s doing no good for them to,up the quality and stand behind they costumers ,at the moment it’s seems all they interested in how to make money ,discontinued all still affordable bags like minis ,gst ,so many iridescent bags this season but all over 6 k,it’s really become out off reach to many off they costumers including me
  6. I don’t think Chanel will change much tbh. They have figured out how to make insane money year after year - with crazy prices increases, people still can’t get enough of their products. VV worked very closely with Karl for decades so this isn’t her first rodeo. It would be in their best interest to change as little as possible from a business perspective.
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  7. Wouldn't it be great to be able to purchase online? Noticed Dior just went online. It might be time.
  8. I was hoping Chanel would hire Phoebe Philo as the new artistic director...that’d be an interesting direction to take
  9. I disagree, I'd rather Phoebe get either her own designer brand/line or take over a house with more freedom to design.

    Chanel (to me) has the same problem Burberry has, they're both somewhat constrained by their hallmarks - quilted/puffy leather bags and that tartan print.

    As for whether Chanel will change, I don't think it will, not suddenly anyway. And it would take an established, bold (and very brave) creative director to veer away from the money-printing production line they have right now.
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  10. I have to imagine there was a plan in place for all of
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  11. Kl spirit and legacy will remain forever
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  12. I certainly hope they don’t go the way of Hermes and make classics impossible to get and only give most ppl access to seasonal bags.
  13. Although I’d love your wish to come true, I think that’s the direction they’re heading to. Refusing to refurbish their bags after 5 years or with lots of conditions and requirements mean they’re weeding out older bags and making the supply in secondhand market smaller. Not to mention the likelihood of their material being more fragile and probably wouldn’t last as long as what it used to be.
  14. They may have better PR now that he is not insulting everyone all the time :smile: I doubt the products will change too much, but hopefully some more interesting items in seasonal lines.
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  15. I think it gets lost that this started with Coco, not Karl. (Not saying Karl was not amazing) The history and asthetic of Chanel should remain the same with Classics but perhaps a few fresh ideas for new lines. The price increases IMO are not completely a financial issue, Chanel needs to remain exclusive, it cannot be worn or on the arm of the general public. The products are beautiful but cannot saturate the market or people will lose interest. Certain fashion houses have kept their products on the minds and wish lists of all who love fashion with this thinking. The quality needs to come first IMO, you save for an item that is timeless it needs to have the potential of lasting for years to come.
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