How do you think Bulgari's leather goods measure up??

  1. Have you all seen the leather goods line for Bulgari? How do you think the purses, wallets, luggage, etc comapre with major names in the leather goods market? What do you think about the designs??

    I personally think that compared to the top handbag brands, they're kinda boring and unoriginal. It's not what I thought Bulgari would come out with. What do you say?

    :tup: or :tdown:???
  2. I once handled a Bulgari wallet, and it didn't seem as nicely made as any of the major designer brands. I felt kind of cheap.
  3. I would stay away from their bags, I had a bad experience with a Serpenti forever bag although I used it for 3 times only!
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  4. They once made a messenger bag for men that I really liked. Too bad it no longer in production.

    I really like their Serpanti bags for women. I think the men bags are quite boring and not as nice when I took notice.
  5. I absolutely loved their collaboration with Matthew Williamson and I have some of those bags.
  6. I have the isabella rosellini bag and i love it. I think the leather and material used is really good. What i like about this bag most is that it is gold plated and they use semi precious stone for the bag.
  7. Oh no! The Serpenti is on my consideration list. What happened with your bag?