How do you think an I'm Beautiful midi in black crash would be? Pros/cons?

  1. Thanks in advance.
  2. Personally, I would like it. The black crash is the perfect all weather leather. I never ever worry about dirt or the elements when I'm wearing it. Also, I'm pretty sure mine has remained scratch and scuff free. Black crash remains one of my favorite leathers. Hope that helps.
  3. I am carrying my Love Me Mini in Black Crash today as a matter of fact...I think black crash is such a beautiful leather that you really can not go wrong with it on ANY bag style BE holds up very well and can be classy and dressy or great with jeans on the weekend...
  4. My Black Crash LM is my favourite BE so I think your idea is a great one.
  5. I think this style would look elegant in any of BE's leathers but if you want a black laptop bag with a difference (if that is what you are going to use it as), then Black Crash would be divine!
  6. On the pro side...gorgeous. Nothing on the con side!
  7. Thanks, all.
  8. It would be sooooo gorgeous. Undestructable. A very good choice!
  9. This will be a wonderful choise. Black crash is a great leather.
  10. But now, having read the great thread about all the leathers, I'm thinkin' "pebbled." :smile:
  11. The pebbled port in this style would be stunning! Root is gorgeous too! And then there's black pebbled which would be beautiful, practical and indestructible! You can hardly go wrong whether you choose pebbled or black crash, IMHO!