How do you think a Cotton Club tote would hold up as an everyday bag?

  1. Hi there
    Is anyone using a Cotton Club tote as an everyday bag?

    My s/a located a bronze one for me:love::love:
    so before I blow my X-mas stash $ I figure best to get your thoughts.

    Appreciate your input – thank you so much!!!:tup::tup:
  2. I used my blue cc tote all summer long. I love's one of my favorite bags. Some people have had trouble with the chain breaking, but mine was fine. I can see how they can break as some of my rings are not totally closed tightly, but I never had a problem. I say go for it! the bronze is a beautiful color and since it's not made anymore, extremely hard to find!
  3. I have the bronze CC tote and have used it as an everyday bag - it has been great for me. Like Molly I haven't had any trouble with the chain breaking, but I have read at least one person here did.
  4. Thank you so much for your feedback on the CC Tote :smile:
    My "non-chanel" friends have advised me against it becuase they mentioned the bit if metallic sheen to this style would show wear extremely fast, but no one here has mentioned that.
    So I may just have to grab it.
    I love the bronze:love:
  5. Ohhhh, yay, I'm so happy your SA found one for you!! :yahoo: I've used my bronze CC tote as an everyday bag (though I'm strange and gravitate towards my reissues and flaps the most haha). :p Like Mon and gators mentioned, I was also concerned about the rings opening up and the strap breaking off, but I haven't had any problems (thankfully). :smile: I don't think the subtle metallic of the bronze would show wear as quickly as other bags may, plus it's an aged, durable calfskin... a good "everyday" leather and therefore bag IMO. :heart: Post pictures if you decide to get her hehe! ;)
  6. I used my black cotton club tote every day for months! I love it!!! The rings on my chain did break a few times, but Chanel fixed them and it has been perfect ever since. You are very lucky to find the Bronze's gorgeous!
  7. i'd be interested too..any got a pix/?? thx
  8. you located a brand spankin new one?? OMG! congrats!!!
  9. oh no...
    the one she located is damaged :sad:
    she's trying to talk me into another chanel tote ..but no, I really wanted this one.:crybaby::crybaby::crybaby:
  10. I had a bronze and the sheen on it was fine but I wear more black than brown so I didnt carry it very often. Also, the chain on mine broke twice. I returned it and got a different bag. It is a great style and great look. It is structured but not too boxy.
  11. wow it was already damaged- I think that is a sign and I can see from 2 other peoples posts that their chanis had broke so it seems best that you don't get it.