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  1. Hola Everyone!

    I just wanted to see what everyone has to say about the authenticity of buying purses from eBay. I am so hesitant from purchasing any designer bags for fear of getting a knock-off. What is your expierence? I was looking on there today and there is a blaack Balenciaga Bag for only $69.00 Could this really be true, or are the people that purchase these bags really getting a knock-off?

    HELP! :confused1:
  2. Just from the price I would assume its fake. Who would sell a over $1000 bag for $69 even used?
  3. If it's balenciaga for $69, then it's a fake. But, on the bbag subforum there is a thread called "authenticate this". Please post a link of your eBay finds on there and the experts will let you know if its real. Welcome to the forum!!
  4. Post the link to the auction in the "Auth This!" stick in the specific designer sub-forum. It also helps to exercise care: You should be suspicious if you see a bag that retails for say, $1500, selling for 70 bucks new.
  5. You have to be very careful and use judgment when buying from e-Bay. I check out some of the sellers who I know are legit and verify everything before purchase.
    I do agree, if you find a $1500 bag for $69, it is either a ripoff or a fake.
  6. You can get some great deals on eBay, but you really need to do your homework first.
  7. I figured that that particualr bag was a fake, I didnt really fall for that, just used it as an example, but there were some really beautiful bags that looked real but the prices said otherwise, I did check out the forum on fakes and that really helped...THANKS EVERYONE!
  8. I personally won't buy anything online...especially through any auction sites. But yes, the first thing that screams FAKE is the price of the item being sold.
  9. There is no way ever that a real balenciaga would go for $69. It is a fake. Beware of buying on Ebay!
  10. Personally, I have only ever bought on eBay from Fashionphile... I have always received beautiful, authentic and accurately described items... other than her... I don't ever buy handbags on eBay... What you see is not always what you get... and as for price... lately I have seen some clear fakes being listed for 1000.00+

    So even the price is meaningless anymore as far as being a give away...
  11. I have only bought one bag on eBay and when I posted it for help, everyone here was very helpful. However, my general rule of thumb is that if it looks too good to be true, it probably is! You're still going to have to pay a decent amount, even if you do get something less than retail.
  12. I think it depends on what you are looking for. I have found that if the bag is not a hot designer like LV, Gucci, etc. you can find a lot of authentic bags on Ebay if you do some homework. For example, Kooba, Botkier, Gryson, Furla, etc. They are faked but not in the quantities of LV, Prada, etc.

    IMO I won't buy hot designers like LV on Ebay because even with the authentication help here, some of the fakes are too good to tell. I would prefer to pay more and buy them from an authorized retailer for peace of mine.

    $69 for a BBag seems too good to be true. Usually authentic bags don't sell for less than 50% off retail on Ebay (even used bags). Sometimes even fakes are listed near retail prices so you can't use pricing alone.
  13. Ebay is great but you REALLY must do your homework! I use ebay to find unusual things that I really want--sometimes it is the only source. If you find something that you want, don't hesitate do ask on here or another message board if what you want is authentic!
  14. You should only buy from ebay if you're pretty well schooled in what you are buying.

    obviously a 69 dollar balenciaga is going to be a fake.
  15. I wouldn't purchase anything that has "stock" or celebrity pics instead of the real bag pics. In the end it's just easier to buy from a brick and mortar boutique rather than playing guessing games. Too many people end up with fakes even when the bidding started high.