How do you tell if your are a shoulder bag person or a handheld person?

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  1. I know this is a weird thought. Mostly I have handheld bags. I only own one shoulder bag (BV hobo) and one crossbody (Henri Bendel) with a wide comfy canvas strap. On the times I DO wear a shoulder bag my shoulder hurts. It's gets sore. I don't carry much at all. (Cosmetic case, small wallet card holder thingy and a smaller pouch for my daughters eye drops.) Maybe I might toss in a wide light scarf to wrap around. I don't like to carry a lot and keep my bag light. So now here I am looking at a tote bag (lv neverfull) and I can't help but think am I crazy? What if I get this thing and hate it because it hurts? At the same time I don't have a large tote in my collection at all. I have never had a shoulder injury. I just know it does not take long to wear on my shoulders. Does that mean I am not a shoulder bag kinda person? Hmmmmm..... I know there are many of your who have presences. Would love to hear your thoughts and why.
  2. Well mine is unfortunately ruled by nerve problems... i can no longer use crossbody or shoulder bags. So i am strictly a clutch or satchel person.

    Now when i could carry them i do find what the strap is like makes a difference in distributing the weight... thinner strap, thicker.. and in the case of totes two straps...

    Since everyone's height varies where a bag sits on you, i find does play a role in how comfortable it is to carry, being a shorter lady, i find some bags hit me wrong and cause other pains that have zero to do with my pinched nerves.

    Can you try a NF in person?? given what they cost, i would want to try that out first.
  3. if you're not sure about a particular bag/tote style just get a $10 version from the local store. why pay 1K plus until you know for certain that you'll like that type of bag. if i'm unsure of a color or style i buy a super cheap version and try it out before i invest more. i was eyeing a turquoise bal and when i bought a turquoise bag for 8.99 and wore it for a week i was like.... no! it saved me about a thousand bucks.
  4. I mostly like handheld bags too but I find the neverfull mm (mono) to be quite comfortable even when I carry a lot! If you can try it in person to know for sure.
  5. I am a shoulder bag girl ... if a bag cannot be worn on my shoulder or cross-body, I won't buy it. That said, the LV Neverfull is the one tote I couldn't tolerate because those thin little straps would dig into my shoulder. I don't have the same problem with Longchamp, because the straps are a just little wider and more comfy. If your heart is set on the LV, spend time in the store with your stuff in it, and make sure it won't hurt.
  6. I'm definitely a shoulder bag person. My only handheld bag is the LV Tivoli PM which I carry on occasions when I don't need both hands. With that said, I can't tolerate all shoulder bags. Ones with thin straps bother my shoulders whether I'm carrying light or heavy because it just seems to dig into my shoulders for some weird reason. If the bag itself is heavy when it's empty, I also can't do that. I prefer wider straps, at least an inch wide but preferably an inch and a half.

  7. Excellent point. Yes the LC straps are comfy. Hmmmmmm. I have also debated a cheaper LC tote and maybe a different Lv? Ugh. I dont know.
  8. I love shoulder bags but I find that they keep slipping off and I end up carrying them on my arm or hand. I mostly stick to hand held now but not through choice. The only other thing that I don't like about shoulder bags is how they pull my shirts and loose tops out of shape.
  9. Have you tried them all on with your stuff in them? That might help you decide.

  10. Yes. I did. But I didn't carry for long in the store. Know what I mean?
  11. Yes, I do. Sometimes I feel like trying on bags is like trying on shoes -- you need time to see if it really fits, and it can be hard to get that time in the store. If you have so many doubts, what is the appeal of the bag? Looks, function? Sometimes it helps to really look at what you think the bag will do for you, and ask if that's really realistic. KWIM?
  12. I evolved from shoulder to handheld. Now I own both, and regularly use both. I recommend you get something alot cheaper than Neverfull to try out - Diane von Furstenberg does really nice ones and you can find them at the Outnet for a great price. Or try something with rolled handles, like LV Tivoli GM or Longchamp Le Pliage.
  13. I used to carry mostly shoulder bags but always had slippage problems. Now I prefer handheld or crossbody bags. For totes, I actually much prefer thin flat straps as they stay on my shoulders better.

    But your problem is with pain... so I think you need wide straps. Agree you should not spend the money on a full priced NF unless you know it works. Maybe borrow one or buy one preloved?
  14. I like bags that can be carried both ways - either have a strap/straps that can fit over shoulder but also look and feel OK handheld. Or handheld with an additional shoulder strap.

  15. Actually the thinner straps DO stay on my shoulder better. I have broad shoulders so I think the wider straps while I love the look tend to fall off at least with the two straps I can cross them and they won't slide. I plan to use it more of a purse than a tote so I don't carry a ton. I'll have to try it on again for sure.