how do you tell if its fake?

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  1. hi im new to this site hi every one
    just wondering how to tell if a chanel bag is fake or not i want to buy my first channel wallet from ebay but don t want to get stung? shold i be looking out for any hting in particular? the listing does say authntic but you bever know these days?

    thanks in advance
  2. post the potential wallet in our AUTHENTICATE THIS CHANEL in our CHANEL SHOPPING subforum, Michele and others will def. help you out!
  3. couple of tips. . .
    if it says NWT and is selling for $50 - it's fake
    if they say they're a wholesaler - it's a fake
    if they have 20 of them to sell. . .
  4. wut does NWT mean anyway ?? i always wondered ?
  5. new with tags
  6. NWT = New with tag
    BNIB = Brand new in box (NIB = new in box)

    If there is only one picture in the auction and the seller cannot provide more pictures for whatever reason (she's out of town at the moment, her camera broke, her daughter/son has their camera and is at university, etc.) it is fake.
  7. Black hang tags . Chanel only uses white ones .

    Phillips screws on the turn-lock closure . Chanels are flat-heads .

    White dustcover w/ new bag , black dustcover w/ vintage bag . Of course , ask if that is the original dustbag .

    No slash thru the zero in the hologram , and the hologram font in general .

    Chanel "Made in Paris" ? Uh uh , it should be "Made in Italy" , or "Made in France" .
  8. ^^ wut sophia said! o yea check for the stitching too!
  9. Yup..u never know whether it is authentic or not.
    Just look at some of the prices it offered...way too cheap for a real Chanel bag
    Try to avoid making yr purchases on ebay..if u can
  10. even the very sophisticated fakes are easily detected if you know chanel. give us some details...
  11. Just to add....even after this, the item that they send you may not be the one represented in the pics. So be very careful, try to find out what ou can about the seller. The 'authenticate this' thread is invaluable.
  12. Well they certainily look authentic to me. You might get that same item shipped though. I love the second distressed bag. That should be the one you bid on
  13. ^ To be honest I don't trust that first one at first glance , I didn't look really close though . I'd post this in the "authenticate this" thread w/in Chanel Shopping . Michele is a genius !
  14. ^ that first ones fake . The second one looks Good to go !
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