How do you tell a friend..

  1. That she would look hideous with super blonde hair?
    I have a close friend who has medium-blondish hair that is very golden and natural looking. Well she just recently informed me that she wants to get her hair dyed bleach blonde a la Pamela Anderson or in her own words, "I want it all really really really blonde".
    I know it's her hair and I feel silly for feeling this way but I don't want her to get it done!
  2. let her do it and find out for's not permanent
  3. Hair grows back.
  4. Show her pictures of the Hulk Hogan clan.
  5. :yes: That would scare anyone from going blonde! JK

    I would just let her do what she wants. Who knows... maybe she has a vision and it might turn out OK? If not, she can dye it back...
  6. She may look fabulous with the haircolor. You never know until you try!
  7. lmao at Hubba's comment, she'd have to bathe in self-tanner to get as tan as them since she does not naturally tan at ALL. She's as pale as the adams family.

    I think I'm just going to get over it. I feel pretty silly.. girl stuff lol.
  8. let her do it then she will see. Maybe it turns out nice.
  9. Well if she is going to do it, she is going to do it. You can exactly stop her. But if she asks keeps saying you prefer her hair now, or more natural, and u think it looks much better. Maybe she will get the picture.
  10. Thats what I was thinking. You may be surprised. Mine used to be super blond years ago (when I was younger), Its toned down a lot now. But my husband still brings up how he loved it then and how it just keeps getting darker and darker.
  11. No matter what you say, if she's determined she'll do it. If it's that horrid, she can dye it back to something less icky.
  12. My 13 year old soon-to-be step son wanted to dye his dirty blond hair jet black a few months ago. I was totally against it and even got a little miffed at his dad for buying the hair dye for him. Luckily, I held my tongue. Poor kid looked just awful. But I can guarantee that he will NEVER dye his hair jet black again. It's still not all the way grown out yet. Some people just need to learn from experience.
  13. Ah I would just remind her how bleach can kill your hair. I've seen people with bleached hair that there hair looks like it's so dry and straw like.

    However, it's her choice so if she wants to risk it then let her learn from her mistakes. At least you'll know you tried warning her.
  14. I've gotten over this.. she hasn't done it yet but I could care less if she did. It's her hair, not mine so why should I feel concerned lol?
  15. yeah she can always change it back. Or just tell her to go gradual with a few brighter highlights first before going all out? In the end, it's just hair...