How do you take off your eye make-up???

  1. From the time I ave been old enough to wear make-up, the one problem I have always had is that I HATE eye make-up removers and their oily residue they leave behind.. Seems like almost all brands I've tried are like that..(gawwd!!)

    SAs at the cosmetic counters say that facial cleansers are purposely mild, and should never be able to wash eye makeup off, otherwise it would be too harsh for your I use eye makeup remover. (Shiseido)[/SIZE]

    Is what the SAs say TRUE? I would love to just be able to use ONE cleanser but I'm scared to use anything too abrassive for my eye areas.

    What works for you? Reccomendations would help, TIA!:smile::smile::smile:
  2. i use the lancome eye makeup remover and I hate the oily residue too
  3. I believe that's true. Facial cleanser won't be able to remove all makeup off.. I use Estee Lauder's Total make up remover, which I feel not 'too oily'.

    Usually after using the makeup remover, I religiously repeat it with facial cleanser & soap & toner to finalize the clean feeling in my face. (or just do toner after using the MU remover), cause I also hate the feeling of oily residue the makeup remover usually left. HTH
  4. Lancomes Bi-Facil eye make up remover is THEE best bar none. The oily feel doesn't bother me cause I always follow up with washing my face.
  5. I use liquid liner on the bottom and pencil on top, and sometimes shadow. For me the best remover is Clinique's Rinse-Off Eye Makeup Solvent. No oily residue and everything comes off clean!! I only buy it when they have a bonus. I get my lipstick at the same time.
  6. I see, but the at SA said for me not to rub in any cleanser in the eye area at all-- she was weird now that I think about it..:confused1::confused1:
  7. I'll need to try that!
  8. it does not contain any soap. it is only used to remove eye makeup. I use a different facial cleanser for my face.
  9. Is your facial cleanser mild enough to wash over the oil residue from the eye make up remover? If so, what brand facial cleanser, I would like to try it.:smile:
  10. For the past 20 years I have used Avon's Effective Eye Makeup Remover. Dirt cheap, creamy not oily and works extremely well.

    I recently got Estee Lauder's Take It Away and it works really well but is a bit oily.
  11. i use mary kay's eye make-up remover.. works great when i have mascara on.
    no mascara, i use cetaphil alone..
  12. I use a facial cleanser from Chanel,"Hydration gel-cream cleanser", and it is safe for eyes. I don't find it harsh at all. In fact, I have rosacea and it is very calming. It is pricey, but I figure it's worth it considering I don't have to pay for a cleanser and eye makeup remover.
  13. That's what I use too. Very efficient and gentle.
  14. MAC cleanse off wipes