How do you take care of your purses?

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  1. I'm curious on how you guys take care of your purses.. both leather and fabric.

    I honestly don't do anything to them...

    and how do u keep ur lv monogram canvas from oxidating?? T__T
  2. mine just sit in my closet with their dust bags on for protection..
  3. I give them lots of love and hugs and kimmy kisses LOL :love::shame:
  4. Some of my older smooth leather bags are looking a little dull. Once before I tried some of my MIL's leather conditioner and it really revitalized my bags. I'm going to pick some up tomorrow and give some of my babies a "facial".
  5. mine are sitting in the cupboard in their dustbags. if you keep them in the dark the leather won't oxidize.
  6. I just keep them in the dustbag and rotate regularly so they won't wear out as fast as they would if I used one everyday. I also Scotchguard the ones that could be scotchguarded when I get them spanking new from the store.
  7. I just keep mine in its dust bag :smile:
  8. What is MIL leather conditioner? I have Coach leather moisturizer and cleaner - Is yours better?
  9. I also Scotch Guard my fabric ones to protect them i.e., Kate Spades. When I bought a Kate Spade wallet from Neimans my SA hosed it in the store for me!
    I use fragrance free baby wipes on my Burberry, also have. The funy thing is when I was in Burberry this weekend a SA said "Did you know you can use baby wipes to clean that bag!!?"
    "Actually, I do!";)
    I bought a pretty little Gucci number this wekend and promptly cleaned the Burberry and put her to rest in her dust bag.
  10. What's Scotch Guard? And what do you guys do about the brass that's on certain bags? How do you keep them from getting scratches?
  11. What do you mean by "hosed"? LOL. Nosey minds would like to know.
  12. Scotchguard is this spray product from 3M (I think) that you spray on new fabrics when you get them to prevent them from getting dirty fast. It says on the can what you can and cannot spray. I know that leather is a big no-no.
  13. I love, love, love Coach's leather cleaner and their conditioner. Just this past weekend I took all of my bags out and did complete details on all of them. :biggrin:

    On a side note....12-14 year old Coach bags, that back in those days were carried every single day for over a year...still look brand spanking new. Gotta the quality of their all leather bags. I only say all leather, because I can't speak for their cloth, I don't own any. :P
  14. I don't do anything special, although I think I should. I try to keep all of them in a dustbag if possible. Other than that, I just try to be meticulous when I carry them. They are my babies (I'm sure if I had pets or children, I wouldn't be this way).
  15. Does anyone know what I can use to clean fabric or leather bags with? I've found some great old bags in a relative's attic that needs some cleaning.