How do you take care of your LV speedy and neverfull bags

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  1. And is it necessary to buy bag organizers and shapers to maintain shape?
  2. I do not have a neverfull but I do have a speedy B and I do not use a shaper. When not using the bag I stuff it with tissuepaper or paper from packages I have received. When using it I prefer the shape to be fluid and natural I like it when the bottom sags a bit.
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    I have never put any cleaning or cleansing leather products on my bags (DE or mono). I stuff all my Speedys and NFs with soft fluffy light pillows and store them upright in their dustbags when not in use. While using I do use base shapers since I dislike slouchy/hobo bags. After I've used them for a day or two, I just wipe down the handles and the canvas with alcohol and perfume free baby wipes (we have 2 babies so Always have those around!), you'll be surprised with the amount of dirt you see come off on the wipes, even for DE.

    Btw there is a specific way to store the NF, just search via keyword for ideas or check out the way I store mine...
  4. Interesting, thank you ladies for the tips! :yahoo:
  5. I stuff my NF with a pillow from ikea and leave my purse organizer in too- since its a mono the straps are soft so I just flop them over the pillow. I don't stuff my DE speedy b. I leave my organizer in and it keeps its shape- I take off the straps and unbuckle it and lay it flat in the bag. I also keep the handles covered with a smaller dust bag in an upright position to prevent possible handle indentation on the canvas. Both bags are stored in a drawstring dust bag. I only recently started using LMB on my mono bags. I like the results. It says u can use it on the canvas too so I did use on my NF. No treatment for DE speedy b.
  6. When I'm not using my Speedy (which is rare) I keep it stuffed with a No Sacrifice Save our Shape inflatable purse stuffers. I store it in a dustbag with the handles up.
    I'm very careful with my handles and use a pair of Love Handles to protect my handles from sweat and body oils.
    I don't use a base shaper since I don't carry much and I don't mind the bottom sagging.
  7. Hello. I have a vintage speedy 30 and it has a small scratch in the canvas, do you know how to fin it?
    Thanks in advance.
  8. I take care of my bags that I buy new, if I know I'm gonna throw it around I'll buy pre-loved!
  9. Does anyone know of neverfull corners can be repaired? My GM in Damier Ebene is starting to show a little red on the corners. Is this something that I could possibly get repaired?
  10. hi guys, i have this neverfull for 4 years but it is not really heavy used. I noticed that there are cracks in handle specially in the middle part and it looks really dry, is it a normal wear and tear? what can i do? Thank you for your help guys! ImageUploadedByPurseForum1466518759.445729.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1466518772.619131.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1466518794.179779.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1466518810.287971.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1466518821.927316.jpg

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  11. Can anyone recommend a leather conditioner for treated LV leather? I would hate for my bag to get dry and cracked. I have LMB Vachetta conditioner, can I use that on it?