How do you take care of your Louboutins??

  1. Please feel free to delete this thread, if there's already a thread like this. But, we pay hundreds of dollars for beautiful CL's, and I want to know how everybody keeps theirs looking fabulous. How do you clean your CL's, and how often do you clean them??? I don't want to use anything that would damage my shoes, but at the same time I know I should be cleaning them. How do you guys take care of your Louboutins, and what products do you use on them if any??? Is there anything that any of you use to clean the pony hair that is on some CL's??? I'm just wondering because I know I need to start taking care of my shoes, now that I'm finally going to buy a pair of CL's. Thanks.
  2. I don't know. I haven't done anything to any of mine but I don't wear them terribly often. I do make sure to store them stuffed with tissue after I let them air out for a while and then I tuck them away in their original boxes.
  3. I don't do anything to them either, although I tried putting sole stopper on one pair before. After awhile you can see where the sole stoppers were pieced together. I stopped doing that and just wear them now (takes too much work). I try to be very careful about my shoes but if need be I will just get them zipped soled. I just wipe the dust off them once in a while, air them out and store them back into their original boxes.
  4. I would also like to know if there is any special care needed for 'Satin' CLs.
  5. I haven't done anything to mine except maybe wipe off the heel with a towel if I step in mud.
  6. gosh i am terrible at taking care of mine and wear them out all the time. i bought them to wear them and i'm gonna wear them, to death!!!
  7. I want to know, too! Does anyone get them treated by a cobbler before wearing them?
  8. All of mine are in perfect condition. They are so great that people don't believe I wear them. lol I don't put any rubber soles on them or anything. I just wear them as they are and put them back in the box or in the dustbag if I'm traveling.
  9. I just make sure I keep them in their box when I don't use them.
  10. Prior to wear
    • I put clear insoles
    • I do waterproofing spray on the suede ones
    • Satin I do a stain guard (same one I use for the couch) :lol:
    • Stretch shoes for couple of hours for best comfort
    After Wear
    • Wipe the insoles
    • Clean the heel\sole of dirt (I never covered the soles )
    • Store them in the box (lack of proper storage at moment)
    • Store 1 shoe/dustbag when traveling
    • Always keep paper in toe area
    • Check heel taps
    • Check for hidden stains etc ...
  11. Thank you! This is a great checklist.
  12. Thank you, the checklist is wonderful. I know to check for stains, but what should I do if I find one??? Just use any stain remover product??? (I am aware that there are purse cleaners but I am not aware of any shoe cleaners.)
  13. there is a plethora of shoe cleaning products. I guess it depends on the fabric. Thats mainly why I use stain guards in the first place for suede and satin as those are probably more difficult to clean compared to Leather. I personally havent experienced much staining yet ... maybe someone who has can give us some tips? Basically I was going to do my own experimentation in this regard.
  14. What guard do you specifically use for satin?
  15. same ones that are used for upholstery. the brand specifially is Ultra-guard stain free. I go out clubbing with my shoes often and am paranoid about drink spillage. So far havent experienced accidents as such but just in case ....