How do you take care of your Louboutins??

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  1. Please feel free to delete this thread, if there's already a thread like this. But, we pay hundreds of dollars for beautiful CL's, and I want to know how everybody keeps theirs looking fabulous. How do you clean your CL's, and how often do you clean them??? I don't want to use anything that would damage my, but at the same time I know I should be cleaning them. How do you guys take care of your Louboutins, and what products do you use on them if any??? Is there anything that any of you use to clean the pony hair that is on some CL's??? I'm just wondering because I know I need to start taking care of my shoes, now that I'm finally going to buy a pair of CL's. Thanks.
  2. sorry i posted this thread twice by accident. can someone delete it?????