how do you take care of your hermes bag

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  1. Hi there, wondering how to best take good care of my Hermes bags? besides putting back in the dustbag? do you bring it back to the Hermes store, do you use products your self?

    thank you
  2. Hello, hklooseterman, part of the magic of Hermes is being able to call on the craftsmen when we need to with our bags. I bought a small mini Kelly from a friend and the turn key was loose. She was sent to Mr Claude in NYC for a replacement and spa treatment while there.

    Of course, you pay for these services, but you know your precious H pieces are getting the very best.

    Inbetween the spa and regular use, I always store my bags inside their sleepers as you suggest. I always check the bags over, to, before putting them away.
  3. Hi , I sometimes wipe my black box calf with a damp sponge , and Celine our fantastic leather specialist said just to do that. Also a good facial cleansing cream is good to clean of any marks
    I then always take them once a year to Bond Street for there polish