How Do You Take Care of Your Bags/Leather Care Products

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  1. Hi girls. I am just new here and just recently got into handbags. I just want to ask how do you take care of your bags?

    Eventhough I cannot afford those high-end designer bags yet I recently purchased 2 cute leather bags and I am thinking of using those water-repellent products. Can you recommend some good leather care products out there? Do you even use one?
  2. Can you be a little more specific to the texture or kind of leather that you're thinking about treating?? Or do u have a pic??
  3. One is a naturally treated (dyed), fine-grained pebble leather and the other is a suede.
  4. Welcome Gracie!! Let me know if you need anything ever.

    I have never actually treated any of my bags, although I'm sure it woul dbe helpful! Let's see what everyone else has to say. Maybe they can be of some help for you and maybe even for me in the future :smile:
  5. Just take care of your bags...I don't condition or use anything on them either.

    I use Kiwi Protect-All on my leather handbags and shoes. You spray it on the object and let it set for three hours. What I like about Protect-All is that its for fine leather products. I've used it on my rouge red Balenciaga Office bag, black Gerard Darel Drape bag and brown Chloe Silverado with positive results.
  7. Thanks esiders and others!