How do you take care of a canvas street chic?

  1. I have a couple of street chic purses I got back in 2002, and now I can't carry them anymore because they have gotten quite dirty. I still love them though!
    How did you get yours cleaned? I have Gucci fabric ones as well and they don't seem to get dirty, at least I can't tell...

    I called Dior and they said that I'd either have to ship them or take them to a boutique but there is no Dior boutique where I live now. I am hesitant to send them away though but I don't think if I can trust a local shoe repair shop.
  2. I say have it sent usually they give you a receipt showing that it was sent and let you know how long its going to take...I have done it 2 times with no problem.
  3. Thanks Diordramaqueen.
    How long did it take for you to get your purse back?
  4. Pics of this bag pls? Is it the tote version?
  5. Don't take my word for this for those bags but I used baby shampoo diluted with lots of water and a babies toothbrush to clean up my Gucci fabric and it worked a treat x
  6. Thanks everyone.
    I think I am just gonna bite the bullet and send one to Dior.
    Babydoll Chanel - they are both shoulder strap styles. I don't own a digital camera so I'll have to post pics later...I am not that technologically savvy! Sorry!