How do you survive unemployment??

  1. This is kind of a follow-up thread to:

    Say you've quit that job that you HATE, or have had to move to a different location due to a spouse's relocation... (As is my case...)

    HOW do you survive unemployment?? I'm *trying not to* complain by any means. I've my DH, and wouldn't change anything about the course of the way things have ended up...

    It's just that, I am (in the words of Carrie Bradshaw) in a "financial cul-de-sac"... I don't have any money of my own left from what I had saved up... I have been here for 6 months and there is no sign of a job in sight. I'm looking into graduate school, but that's only a temporary fix - its only 2 nights a week and is going to COST me money... A bag obsession is a nice distraction, but obviously costs alot too... :graucho:

    The major thing is... I AM BORED beyond belief... I feel like I am just, lost and drifting. Which is a major problem for someone that has ALWAYS had a life plan.

    What have you done in similiar situations??? What did you do to speed up your career search and fend off boredom?? Any light at the end of the tunnel? :shrugs:
  2. What field is your expertise in?

    Also, if you're really bored, try volunteering...or getting a partime job in the meantime.
  3. Bags4Bubbles,

    i think you just need to keep on working on job hunting. sometimes it takes a long time but you will find something. you just have to keep pressing on and not give up.

    finding a job is very different from going to graduate school. you need to figure out which one you want and which one makes sense for you. then go for that road. also like charles said, volunteering is a good way to do something good, meet people and learn new things while you are job hunting.

    and u gave up your job to be with the DH so he should understand this and supplement you financial situation with some amount of allowance. i don't think you should have to run through your savings....

    so don't give up with the job search, persevere and you'll find something! good luck!
  4. Thanks for the encouragement ladies... :flowers:

    Its discouraging at times, I just have to keep my eye on the prize, I guess...

    My BS degree is in Business Marketing, I am going back to get my MBA with emphasis in Human Resource Management... I've owned my own business and worked in the HR field as a recruiter.

    My job search has officially shifted from looking for a FT job (right after we got here) - to focusing on grad school (I was accepted & start in May) and looking for a PT job to do while in school...

    The problem is... the job market really isn't stellar here... so PT jobs are limited and DH told me yesterday that I need to "tone down" my resume because its "too professional" to get a PT job!!! Is that possible?? :cursing:

    I'm still pretty young, so I have alot of time to get my career back in gear... but I just don't want to be losing time I guess...
  5. Now!! To tackle boredom!!

    Perhaps... volunteering with animals or taking up knitting or something... :nuts:
  6. Job hunting is never easy....but finding things to fill the boredom, I can do...

    Of course there is always tPF, Volunteering is great so many opportunitys, have you wanted to learn or brush up on a second language? There are lots of free podcasts on itunes that are fun. Exercise is good. Knitting, sewing, reading (books from the library are free!) Plant some seeds and nuture them...maybe a vegtable garden (if you go with seeds rather than plants, that is very cheap).

    Good luck on your job search and grad school :smile:
  7. Sometimes people are over qualified for jobs, but I'm not sure how much you'd tone down the resume...

    Stay busy! Maybe there is something you can do part time on your campus? When I was unemployed I was also about 10 pounds lighter because I was at the gym all the time to make my days not as boring :p

    Volunteering is a good idea too, unless the $ is needed now.
  8. School starts on May 7, so I am looking forward to that - not only for the minor distraction, but also for the membership to the school rec center... I could stand to get back into going to the gym, because I gained alot of weight while running my business...

    That's the thing, is if I'm going to "tone down" my resume, should I omit technical information?? Or just not put as much detail? After looking at resumes all day long as a Recruiter, I found a few formats that I found most eye-catching... which is what mine is similiar to now... so maybe I could revamp it to the basic bullet style again...

    As far as $$... I really do "need" to get that situation sorted out pretty soon... I mean I was used to living on a certain wage, and even though our move here gave him a substantial increase in income, it doesn't make up for the fact that our bills are based on a dual income household - if that makes sense?? He's fairly good, except for a few times where he's shown his frustration with the situation, about understanding that we moved here for his job and he can help out with my "personal" stuff, along with covering all of the living expenses...

    I can't help but worry, that yes - I can sit here now and say "It's only been 6 months, so something will come along when its meant to be..." BUT, what if I'm still sitting here a YEAR from now, going "It's only been a year..." :wtf: :wtf: I just don't want to lose sight I guess... It's slightly confusing...

    Has anyone ever had to deal with moving around with the DH?
  9. Ok..what types of jobs would you be willing to take part time? Once you decide on that, you can alter your resume accordingly.
  10. you start school full time in MAY???

    that's just a few days away!!! i don't think you'll be feeling that bored very soon!!!

    enjoy your freedom while it lasts!

    well i think it's great if you think you can juggle a PT job as well but it's tough. which area are you going to school in? the jobs available might depend on the type of industries there.

    i think there are some jobs for which you need to dumb down your resume but i'm not sure if you need to do that cos you can always say i'm looking for a PT job while going to school.

    they shld be happy that they are getting a very qualified person for PT salary! altho the flip side is that they may be reluctant to take you and have to replace you in a year+ or so... but wait you're the HR expert, why am i even telling you this!?!?:roflmfao:

    I don't think you should feel pressured about losing out. you have a long time more to work and you should just enjoy going back to school and the free time you have. it's also a good time to take up hobbies and do volunteer work.

  11. ;) Yeah... that is the stupid thing - that I know in the back of my mind why my resume doesn't have "weight" for certain positions... sometimes you just have to have someone else tell you it outloud though...

    Well, for starters let me say there are ZERO PT HR positions here... In the Chicago suburbs that was a big trend, but here the market has taken a downswing in general, so jobs like that are in short supply and duties seem to be doubled up and given to one FT person...

    I'm very much a person that "needs" to stay busy and accomplish things... So I have this aching feeling school isn't going to be enough, also an additional income would be a plus. (Even if it is only a few hours a week.)

    At first, I was only considing HR/Marketing positions, but lately I've opened my search up to Office positions & PT retail positions. However, with a marketing degree that pretty much pushes me over the qualifications that are desirable for either of those areas for PT work... People are pretty much going to assume that I am going to want to be paid alot more then the qualifying set they are looking for... Not necessarily 100% true, but if I was the HR person for the companies I've sent my resume to, I would assume the same thing. :shrugs: (We look at everything from address to length of previous positions...Taking into account my husband is about 6 years older then me, which adds earning potential - which makes my home address not mesh with the type of job I would potentially be interested in, for the short term. :push: )

    I do a little bit of business with my eBay store, but when you are considering I used to have 50-60 hours of my week were accounted for previously... it leaves alot of downtime... I wish I could enjoy free time!!! :wlae: :wlae:

    Plus... let's face it. I was used to shopping at a rate that my business could provide the backing to make Monday & Friday "shopping days", while I realize that is no longer a reality... its hard to get my head out of professional mode and back into "frugal student mode"....:sad: Unemployment is not fun...
  12. i can say from experience that being bored is the worst feeling in the world. so if you are really bored and is looking for income or just something to do the try temporary work to get fast cash in the mean time they can get you to work asap or something that i also do on the side is home-based business of providing pharmaceutical level nutritional products to loved ones and ppl that i meet on a daily basis. Its helps everyone out! With their health and you sleep good at night...not to mention the fact that you'll be healthier and not bored! oh...did i mention consistant income? =]
  13. Last time this happened to me I just took a temp job while job hunting. They knew I was looking for a full-time job so I could be honest about going to interviews elsewhere.

    It kept me busy, made some money in the mean time even though it wasn't my normal profession.
  14. Funny, being unemployed was the most fun I'd ever had in my life!
  15. LOL.... I'm thinking it would be alot more fun if I wasn't married, and could go out every night and spend tons of money carelessly... (Without having to answer to anyone that is.) I mean, if I went out every night, I wouldn't be getting up until like 10am or 11am anyhow, so that would kill sometime anyhow... :p I can't sleep in very late right now, because a)my body is conditioned to get up at a certain time, even if its a bit later then when I was working, & b) my husband gets up and would wake me up regardless!! :yes:

    All well... maybe I should get some workout videos or something while I am waitting for my student rec membership to get started...:nuts: