How do you survive a job you hate??

  1. Hi Everyone,
    I just started a job 6 months ago, and it has good benefits and the highest salary I've ever made. I was suspicious about the staff turn over-very few people seem to stay more than 2 years.

    Long story short, I found out the hard way (by getting very sick) that this place was not what I thought it was.They have acted illegally in terms of ADA accommodations, and they count my sick days as unexcused absences.

    I told my boss my concerns and dissatisfaction with the way things were going, and he put me on attendance probation for 30 days, and took my major project away from me. I did talk with the director and she seemed sympathetic-but it doesn't change the fact that I hate my job.

    I have already started looking for other jobs-but I know I won't get anything within 30 days, and I need the health insurance. What can I do to make myself less miserable as I try to get out?
  2. Sounds like you are working in the same hell hole I am. WHen you have a situation like this, you have look at the big picture. Is it one or two people that you can't stand? If so, you might can outlast them. If it's not, and it's the big boss who's a total jerk, and then company's policies they are using like being prision, then is there a possibility that you can go to a higher up and discuss the problem? Can you file a grievance w/out being retailated (sp) against?

    If the answer is "no", then I'd find ways to relax myself after work every day and begin a massive search for a new job. Life is too short to be miserable. This is what I'm doing. I've had it with the quality of life my employer is making my life. It's not worth it.

    Also, if they've violated your ADA or whatever that was you mentioned. They can be sued. This might be an eye opener for them if it happened. In the mean time, take time for yourself, by getting regular massages, and I don't know if you are spiritual or not, but do a lot of praying. Don't laugh but maybe just maybe one of those prayers will be answered and you'll be out of this hell hole within 30 days.

    Keep us posted on the situation. I'll be thinking of you.
  3. I tell you there is only one way, get out fast! I was in a job that I hated, getting out of bed was a nightmare, my health suffered, life is too short!
  4. Thanks pursemaniac. You've given some solid advice. I do believe in prayer-in fact, I thought this job was an answer to prayer.

    In general, I like the people, it's just my boss. He does a lot of really mean, passive-aggressive, retaliatory things to me. He would be an excellent politician or car salesman because he's super intelligent, and knows how to cover his tracks. He talks out of both sides of his mouth.

    I think I got on his bad side because I found some really big errors in a project he started, and a medical director decided to go with my vision for the project. Then my boss would try to have these secret meetings to steer it in a different direction, until he just took it away from me. He's a hard-worker, but I think he's insecure and the bar in this department has been so low for so long-he can't stand to see someone do as well as he does-esp. a woman
  5. Agreed:smile:
  6. What disability did you have that needed to be accomodated? Are you saying that they refused to make the accomodations?
  7. Since you've already started looking for another job, the best way to survive your last days in this one is by focusing on your job hunt.

    Try to maneuver yourself into tasks that will permit you to sit and think, so that you can plan out various places to look, how you can tailor your resume so that the different ones you've already identified will get their own custom version, strategies for researching each company you apply to, so you can do like all the books say and go in there and impress them with how much you know about the company, its history, future plans, potential challenges to overall goals and objectives - and of course your solution! :smile:

    You can plan your Fashion Reconaissance operations, where you try to get inside the company or at least in a good observation position to see people going in and coming out, so you can get an idea of what people there wear, so that you can plan your interview ensemble accordingly...

    Finding a new job is a big project, it's a job unto itself, and what you need to basically do is spend your time doing THAT job - you'll just do it using the building, chairs, lights, and air conditioning provided compliments of the job you hate!

    And as always, any time that a company is violating a law, that will be something that your local labor department will want to know about, and they will want documentation, so there you have another project with which to occupy yourself during this transition period!
  8. I had a job that I hated, and fortunately I have parents that supports me, so I only lost out on "comfort money" that I could spend on luxuries for myself. However, it feels bad having to leach off of my parents and quitting, but I hated the job so much and I felt so bad doing it, so I have no regrets quitting.
  9. Yes they refused the accommodation, which really isn't as important right now because I just hate the job so much. I've had only one other problem with getting accommodations with lawyers involved, and at the end of the day the fight wasn't worth it.:sad:
  10. Hi ShimmaPuff,
    Again, great advice that I will take to heart. You're right on about getting into another business because most of the people that have left this department go over to 1 main company. Even when I started, they said things like-people regret going over to Company B, they are so cut throat-but no one comes back to this place. But, I've already had a conversation with a hiring authority, but I will definitely do more research before I send my CV. Thanks Again.

    Sweet love,
    I don't have parents to support me, but I do have my own little home business and a nice little nest egg to cover myself for awhile. But if it wasn't for the need for health insurance, I would've walked this week.
  11. hey dlovely, you just get through each day knowing that you're there temporarily till you find a new job and you put up with stuff because it gives you health insurance. is there anyway you can work under a different person to make your life more tolerable?

    in the meanwhile spend as much time on your job search. is there a HR dept that you can talk to about how your sick leave is being counted as unexcused leave and how you've been placed on probation without any justification? actually i don't know if you should even tlak to HR, it might just be the nature and aggresive nature of the company.

    hang in there and find a new job and then run! good luck!!!
  12. I loathe my job. However, I have an anthropology major that is good for nothing. I need the insurance too.
    How do I deal? My cube is a shrine to the things that matter most to me, lol. I have sooo many pictures of my SO and pets all around me. Oh, and I leave on my break and lunch and don't spend a single second that I don't have to there. Nope, it's not much, but it helps a tiny bit.
    There's nothing really that can help you hate it less as you play the new-job-waiting-game... but you sure aren't alone.
  13. Document, document, document. If they fire you, you can get unemployment and COBRA coverage for your healthcare in the mean time. Don't have any discussions verbally with these people, use email or other written methods while you look for an exit. They may be hoping you quit so they won't have to fire you... don't give in... if they want to terminate you, let them and collect unemployment and also file claims for their misconduct. The only reason they are getting away with this is because other employees have let them. Hang in there!
  14. oh, i hate my job. but it's nothing like your situation. i just get very annoyed at my bosses (sweet people but anal) and i find the work very menial and unchallenging. i dont know what to tell you but i really hope things work out for you in the end. you should consult a lawyer and read over your employment contract again just to make sure. Good Luck!
  15. There is no place on the job for vindictive jealous bs. My supervisor is a b---tch from hell and on top of that she's bi-polar and forgets to take her medication. It makes for a very uneasy day when she comes in and you don't know from day to day if you are going to be jumped on for something.
    I always make sure I do my job and don't do anything I shouldn't do like take a few extra minutes at lunch b/c everyone else does it, or leave early like the rest of her office favorites who get away with it. Because if worse comes to worse, I've been documenting the evil unethical things she's been doing and I intend to file a report if I am pushed to that ridiculous level. When you are forced to file these things, you don't want to be questioned for something you've done that might be questionable. You want to look like the good employee which you are.

    I was suprised you said this person was a man. Most of the time, the evilness comes from the woman boss. That's terrible isn't it?

    And, to the lady who posted back and said it will cause your health to go down hill --- she's right. Sometimes stressful situations at work can cause some health problems. I've had some problems because of this nut job. Just keep working on that resume and pray that God will lead you in the right direction. Last but not least, take your time when deciding on a new job. Don't jump from the frying pan into the fire. SOmetimes decisions made under duress are not good ones.

    Sorry for the long post, but I totally know what you are dealing with right now. It's happening to me as well. :yucky: