How do you style dresses?

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  1. I have several dresses but rarely wear them. One of the things that puts me off is that I don't always particularly want to wear hose with them, but I'm not sure how else to wear them. What do you do with a knee-length dress, particularly for work? Tights? Leggings? Hose? Do you have a problem with chafing?
  2. For me it depends on the weather, but leggings, tights, and if I wear them without some type of hose, I wear bike shorts, can't have my thighs sweating or chafing!:biggrin:Also you can buy a looser body shaper too. IHTH!!:flowers:
  3. I just wear a slip.
  4. So what do you wear with your shoes?
  5. Opaque tights in the Winter

    Socks with ankle boots sometimes (so you can't see the socks)

    Ankle socks with brogues (1940s style)

    Nothing with sandals
  6. Dresses are my favorite thing to wear! In the winter I pair them with sweater tights or leggings. Fall/spring depending on the weather I'll wear them with hose, small socks that don't show or bare legged. I don't love hose either but I prefer wearing dresses/skirts to pants so I'll suck it up and wear them on coldish days.

    Shoe wise unless it's a cocktail/formal occasion that calls for heels, I usually wear boots (motorcycle or cowboy), wedges, cute flats or sandals since I live in a major city and am more often on foot/public trans instead of the car.

    Today for instance I met friends for brunch and wore a casual cotton dress with a motorcycle cardi, leggings and oxfords. Hope that helps!
  7. Tights in winter.

    Stockings any other time. I'm just used to always wearing stockings, it actually is weird for me not to. I'm weird like that.

    Leggings with no show socks for flats if it's a super casual dress/occasion.
  8. I wear dresses/skirts with tights in winter if it's really cold but otherwise I don't wear anything under them (I mean, I wear underwear but not stockings or shapers or bike shorts :P)
  9. Dresses are my favorite type of clothing! In the spring/summer, I generally wear them bare legged, with sandals, wedges, or flats. In the fall/winter, I wear them with leggings, tights, or hose depending on the occasion and dress, with boots or pumps, sometimes flats. Usually, I just wear regular underwear - boy shorts if I know it's going to be windy :biggrin:
  10. I don't think knee length is inappropriate for work so I doubt you need to wear hose unless you want to. As long as the material isn't super clingy or thin.

    I like to wear footless tights and flats with mine in the winter but not in the warmer months. I haven't had chafing problems but I do sometimes wear a slip or half slip to prevent the skirt from clinging to and riding up the tights as I walk.

    I think it depends on the type of dresses too - some would look strange with tights, others fine.
  11. I live in dresses and I usually go hose-free just because I prefer it. Most of my dresses/skirts are around knee length, some a little shorter and some midi length. I love dresses because they are so easy - no matching a top and bottom, I just grab a dress, pair of flats and a bracelet and I'm out the door!

    I have Spanx black tights for when I need more coverage (or it's cold) and in the summer I sometimes put stick deodorant on my thighs to keep from chafing (figured that out when I was pregnant and it's genius). I do have a Wacoal iPant shaper which I love - it functions as bike shorts and it shapes and smooths without compressing too much. It stays in place and it's comfortable to wear all day.
  12. That is key! I once walked over a subway grate while a train was going by and everyone on the street saw London, France and LVk8's Underpants :O

    I wouldn't worry about hose if it's not cold where you live. It's finally warmed up to the 50s (flails arms like Kermit The Frog...yayyyyyy!) so I don't need them if I'm wearing tall boots but have been wearing leggings with other shoes in case the weather turns on a dime.
  13. LOL. A couple years back for an internship, I decided to wear a flared halter dress similar to Marilyn's Monroe in The Seven Year Itch (though mine was pink insead of white). Lunchtime - when it's crowded with people - a gust of wind gets trapped between the buildings, and I have my very own Monroe moment.:smile: I honestly don't know what I was thinking considering the area was windy, but after that flared + wind = boy shorts.
  14. I live in casual maxis in the summer - just wear sandals or wedges, take a cardi/denim jacket and good to go - I find dresses less hot and sweaty than pants or jeans in summer. Don't tend to wear knee length dresses too often as my legs are chunky :shame: but if I do it's more for a formal occasion, and stockings and heels are definitely a more dresser polished look.