How do you stretch the peep toe opening of your peep toe shoes?

  1. None of my shoe stretchers can actually reach the very front of the peep toe opening. Neither can my feet w/socks on. I tried using pliers but they don't open wide enough to actually stretch the opening.

    Short of taking these to the cobbler to see what he can do, anything else you guys have tried that i can try? My right Fontanete is driving me crazy.
  2. Rainy I remember reading somewhere on the forum about filling a ziploc bag with water, inserting the filled bag in the shoe, and putting them in the fridge...I've never done it, but apparently you have to check on them constantly...Maybe someone else has done it and can give some advice as to whether it is a good idea to try it with an exotic...
  3. Maybe pulling a dry washcloth (or sweat sock) through and leaving it there for a while would help. It would be like the sock trick, but without a foot in it.
  4. Someone on here has done it with pliers.
  5. thanks for the advice everyone. i *think* i fixed the problem. I took a long nail file, pulled it through the opening and pulled it from the side. doesn't pinch the top of my toe anymore!
  6. Let us know if it did work!
  7. Fabulous!