How do you store your video iPod?

  1. I know the nano iPod fits into the mini skinny. I have a video iPod. I love the covers Coach sells for them, but I still need a place to put it in my bag. Right now I use the pocket, but sometimes it falls out and then sometimes the headphone earbuds fall off...

    Do you put your video iPod in a wristlet? Which one(s) does it fit into?
  2. Hmm, putting it in a wrislet is a good idea.

    Right now, Like you, I just store mine in the sleeve. I do keep a plastic protecive cover on it (same ones i use on my PDA) but that's it. I've thought about buying the Coach case, but i need something that I can put in my purse without worrying about it slipping out too.

    So I'm all ears as well. :yes:

    ETA: Ok, I just checked and it does fit in my legacy wristlet (with room to spare)!
  3. I have a Brighton leather cover and an LV one. Both have flaps that cover the front. I don't like the Coach ones (although the Legacy one is tempting me) because they don't have anything to protect the screen.
  4. Mine has a hard plastic cover that goes over the entire thing. It came with a little clip on the top and I clip that into my bags (most of them have a D ring or something similar).

    I have the LV cover, too, but it won't fit over the plastic cover. Nothing will fit over that. I think I was more excited about finding a cute cover for it when I bought it than the iPod itself. :p But I ended up just using that plastic one. Sure is great though!
  5. Hi. I think I am going to use a Coach Case I got DH for Xmas. It is plain black though. I also have a black leather Coach PDA Case I could use.

    Now, I have to get it out of the box and set it up yet!
  6. I just use the legacy stripe ipod case and throw it in my bag. Usually I detach the headphones and throw them in my bag if need be (I keep a pair of ear buds at my office and mostly use it in the car with the iCarPlay). When I'm traveling and need the headphones too I just toss them in the bag with the ipod.
  7. I sometimes put it in my wristlet, sometimes I put it in the outside pocket of my purse (I do think mostly when I'm listening to it). I've got a thin plastic shield, so I don't worry about it too much. I've been having trouble trying to find a case I like, most of them just seem too clunky. I might just give up on designers and order a foofpod, because the foofbag covers my PowerBook perfectly.
  8. My video iPod fits well into my duffle wristlet.
  9. You and I are both on the same page! I absolutely love the way the legacy one looks, but I'm afraid it will hurt my Ipod. I currently have the signature stripe case and it's so JUST A CASE. There's no functionality at all!
    It doesn't have anything to protect the screen like krispin said AND it also isn't wide enough at the bottom to let the car wire fit. So when I use it in the car it keeps slipping loose and I keep having to adjust it. MAJORLY pisses me off.

    On a good note, I keep mine doubly cover with 2 layers of clear protector and I cut up a think plastic sleeve to use in the Coach case so the screen is protected. It's very well protected and I can just throw it in my bag as is without worrying. Here's a pic (don't laugh, I still have the original wrapping on it because I recently upgraded and haven't wanted to take it off, lol) :

  10. I debated on getting a case for a while, but I didn't see any I loved and I'm so paranoid about my screen getting scratched.
    I just use a sock! :smile:
  11. For those of you worried about screen protection - get yourself an Invisible Shield. I used to work at the Apple Store and while we didn't sell them (they were still a pretty local company at the time and sold their product primarily online), we used to suggest them to people all the time and practically all the employees had them on their iPods.

    You can find them in some electronics stores, or just go to ShieldZone - iPod Screen Protector - PSP, PDA, Cell Phone Screen Protectors and order one.They're really easy to apply. You can cover the entire body, screen, clickwheel, etc or just select the parts you want to cover. They're made of this material that is used to protect military helicopter blades from sand erosion. They're perfectly clear and thin enough you can still fit your iPod into any case you want.

    I'm still searching for my perfect case, but since I have the Invisible Shield on my iPod, I don't have to worry about whether it has screen protection and just get what I like. For now I just put it in the larger inside pocket of my bags without any case at all and it's fine.

    No I don't work for the company, just have a LOT of experience suggesting cases for iPods - and the company happens to be local so it was easy to tell people where to find them.
  12. I was at the Outlet right before Christmas and they had the prettiest bright color pink case for like $20 , well it happen to match my one pink bag perfectly, I tried my IPOD in it and it was about 1/4 inch too small :crybaby: on the screen becuase I have the 80 gig video IPOD , Well I have looked for a case but I have not really found a Coach one I like the Legacy stripe doesn't come in the brown color that matches by bag and I really was not impressed with the other cases I saw , I will however use one of my wristlets to put it in , that is such a good idea !:idea:
  13. Thats too bad! I had that problem with my mini coach ipod case...but don't have it at all with my legacy stripe case!
  14. I do not have an ipod or anything by apple.

    I do have a MP3 by Creative.

    I wish they made Coach covers for it:crybaby: So, I just put mine in a wristlet or pocket. Its very tiny
  15. I use the Legacy stripe case. Sometimes my iPod slips out of it when its in my bag, but other than that, its perfect :smile: