How Do You Store Your St. Louis?

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  1. My St. Louis is almost a year old. When I don't use it, its folded flat in my cupboard because I misplaced the dust bag. I don't think that's the best way for me to store the bag because when I open her up, I see crease marks.

    How do you store your St. Louis? Please share pictures, tips and tricks!
  2. I don't have a St. Louis.. but I do have a Neverfull and a Burberry bag that is a similar style. I store all of my bags on a shelf stuffed with the "air packs" that come in packages. It helps them keep their shape, display nicely, and reduces creasing!

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  3. I do the exact same thing! For my St. Louis GMs I stuff them with air packs and tissue paper and have them standing up vertically in the dust bag provided since Goyard never provides me boxes.
  4. Goyard never gives you boxes?! Why not? I'm expecting my first Goyard to arrive today or tomorrow so I'm interested!
  5. Folded flat and in their dust bags, just like at the boutiques.
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  6. I keep mine flat inside the dust bag and kept in my closet.
  7. Nope...whether the bag is shipped to me or purchased in store, I only receive a dust bag and never a box.
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  8. in a crumpled pile on my closet floor. lol. I do love mine though.
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  9. I'm afraid of the dreaded strap crack (so far so good with mine) but I am storing it in the dust bag but hanging by the handles. I was just storing it on the shelf but I noticed the straps kept falling over in a weird position.
  10. Hanging on a hook on the side of my closet most of the time. If not it's sitting crumpled on the floor.
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  11. I keep mine flat in the dust bag
  12. i keep mine flat in the dust bag. however, i no longer store it on the top shelf of my closet because it gets so hot that the straps will stick to the dust bag!
  13. Folding up doesn't create creases over time?
  14. Mine haven't creased Bagidiotic and they've been stored that way for years.
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  15. Thanks