How Do You Store Your Speedy?

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  1. Hi. So I'm just trying to organize my room and closet and am having trouble figuring out how to store my Speedy. I've had it for a while now, but I can't remember how I used to do it. I want to have it stuffed while it is put away, but when I stuff it, I can't get it back in the dust bag.

    How do you store your Speedy?
  2. I stuff mine with a small pillow and then put it in either my closet or armoire. Depending on the temperature, humidity, and airflow I may or may not zip it up or put it back in its dust bag.
    You can always ask LV for a larger dust bag or use a pillow case instead.
  3. Yep was just going to suggest a pillow case! I like to store mine stuffed because of the creasing when stored flat.
  4. I ordered a inside bag for earlier storage as well as keep the original sharp of speedy! Not bad
  5. Shape****

  6. My DE Speedy keeps its shape even when not full of my belongings. I store it on a shelf in my closet unstuffed. I know mono Speedys are much softer for some reason so if I had one I'd probably use air paper to stuff it.
  7. I stuff all my LV (including 3 speedy b 35s) with plastic bags to keep the shape and then cover with the dust bag
  8. I used to stuff mine with a pillow from ikea. Now that I have a samorga, I don't need to stuff it. I store mine in an LV drawstring dustbag, with straps unbuckled inside. I asked for a drawstring dustbag and the ones that come with the LV shoes fit my 25 well.
  9. I have a mono Speedy 30 B ( purchased in February) and I don't need to stuff it with anything because it's very stiff - it stands up perfectly on its own.

    The last Speedy I owned (many years ago) flopped if it didn't have anything in it.
  10. I store mine stuffed with a small pillow ( my SA gave me the pillow when I purchased the bag) , zipped up and in its Dustbag on a shelf in my closet
  11. I simply stuffed it with a clean towel, and store it in the LV drawstring dustbag.
  12. Thank you all for your input!
  13. Flat
    Like how it's folded in boutique
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  14. I have a samorga organizer so I just leave it in. It keeps its shape and its not stretched too much like it can be when stuffed.

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  15. Is there any harm in storing it flat in the box the way I purchased it?