How do you store your scarves?

  1. I have 2 Hermes scarves that I just purchased not long ago,and I'm not sure how to store or take care of them .I would love to see pictures of everyone wearing there scarves :yes:
  2. I keep them in their original boxes whenever I don't use them.
  3. Me too! I fold them very carefully and replace them in the box they came in. Every's a pain I know.....but, it helps to keep them looking fresh and new.
  4. And I do the same thing with my belt. I replace it in the box it came in. No hanging on the closet door with the other, no. It goes back into the box curved nicely around that circle of tissue paper right in the center.
  5. I keep mine folded in a big box 'cause I don't have their own single boxes any more...:flowers:
  6. I fold mine and put it in my closet and not the box. I used to put them in the box, but later realized that my scarves were smelling like the box and the tissues so I took them out.
  7. I fold them and place them in their original boxes.
  8. I also fold them and place them in their original boxes.
  9. If I am not mistaken, the scarves need air...would you say to breathe? Don't forget to take them out of the boxes here and there...use them and let them air out. I think LaVan has the best idea keeping them out in the open and folded. I learned this long ago from my Nana. She had a ton of scarves from Europe.

    I also posted a product called a scarf hanger in another thread a while back. It was under $10. That is another idea.
  10. I used to keep mine in the boxes, but realize that I wear them more when I store them in a drawer in my armoire. Guess I was too lazy to go through all the boxes before when getting dressed. Here are a couple of scarf pics. The first is wearing it as a shrug over a black dress and the next is as a belt on a trench.
    scarfshrug.jpg scarfbelt.jpg
  11. Kellybag and you throw the boxes away? your scarves and Birkin! Is the Birkin ebene or black?
  12. Thanks Love hermes! I still have my boxes. I don't know why....
    My birkin is ebene and toile.
  13. Thanks Sofibella...I just checked your back posts and I love your bags and Bearn!! You have beautiful taste!
  14. Thanks so much!!
  15. Christy - I love how you tied the scarf through the belt loops of your coat!! Adorable!