How do you STORE your precious bbags?

  1. :sad: i've tried storing the bags in their dust bags and lay out the strings as straight as i can, but somehow they wrinkle and it looks like they're prone to split when they bend in storage. are there better tactics?
  2. Hmmm...What if you untie the tassels and then lay them out along the length of the bag inside?
  3. i hang my bags on hangers , sort of hang the handles over the top of a thick wooden hanger, the bags are empty of course, so that the handles dont stretch, then loosely tie the felt bag over to keep them clean. I found it better for me this way, so that the tassels hang free and down, and stay straight when i take the bag out to use. I have found that storing them flat in their sleepers ruins the tassels. they spit and get all wavy. boo
  4. ^^Great tip--I would have never thought of that!
  5. Thanks for the tips Toni! I'll have try that with my b bags.
  6. thanks toni22! good idea!
  7. I usually zip up the bag and drape the tassles back across the zipper (between the handles) and pull the tassle from the front zip pocket through the front handle loop and drape the remaining length of that tassle with the other ones and then put it back in the dustbag.. if that makes sense. I'm rereading what I'm typing and it sounds confusing but after I stored my bag with the tassles splayed haphazardly causing them to kink and split, I took up this method and it has worked fine for me ever since. I don't have closet space to hang them up nicely but I would like to one day!

  8. this is a little off topic, but storing bbags flat ends up ruining the overall shape of the bag. It ends up becoming squished... which can be fixed by using the bag, but if you're going to store the bag for long periods of time- I suggest stuffing the bag with paper. That's what I do with mine to keep it's shape.
  9. I'm just thinking maybe it'll be better if we use the lingerie hanger, instead of wooden hanger. I kinda scared using the wooden hanger will scratch the bag.. but your idea is brilliant, toni22...
  10. thats a good idea too.. but the wooden ones i have are pretty nice, very smooth and varnished so i dont think they could scratch. also i have a lot of room in my closet.. so the bags arent really pushed too tight together. I dont have much else left in my closet after selling everything else off to support my bbag habit!
  11. toni, i like your idea! i want to try it - but how do you put the bag handles on the hanger so they do not get bent out of shape?
  12. I put my bag in the dust bag with no care whatsoever - but I condition my bag at least once a month, so I've had no splitting, cracking, etc.
  13. i sort of just very gently hang both handles together over the hook part of the hanger, much like you would hang your bag on a doorknob. the hanger then sort of leans forward a bit. i have looked very carefully at them, as i originally thought that the handles might get pulled a bit, but they are not.. they sort of are just hanging free with no added pressure points on the handles. i make sure to empty the bags, except for one that i know i wont be using for a while which I stuff with tissue paper to hold the shape a bit.
  14. thanks toni! i have a little empty section in my closet, so I am gonna try it.:idea:
  15. I usually store my bags flat in their dustbags but I'm starting to think stuffed might be better.

    So, my question to all you B bag obsessed bag whores is, how are your bags stored when not in use???