how do you store your LVs?

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  1. hi to all! i'm just curious how do you store your purses. do you store it in their respective dust bags and boxes. i'd love to see how you organize your lovely things. will it take longer for the vachetta to turn to patina if i just put it in the dustbag? thanks.. loving this forum, so educational about anything LV;)
  2. I store mine without the dustbag, as I want the leather to breath plus I always want to see my LV collections every time I open up my closet. LV's always makes my day:biggrin:
  3. I put my speedy on my dresser and the others in my dresser drawer.
  4. I store mine in their dustabgs in a closet.
  5. lots of threads about this...try doing a search :smile:

    i remember a previous thread had photos :smile:

    i store mine in the dustbag and box...i'm a little OCD about all my bags ><
  6. I keep my LVs on the shelves of a cupboard when I don't use them. Some LVs I use daily I hang them in the wardrobe that's easy to take out. :cutesy:
  7. Old photo since I've acquired more LV's.


    On the top shelf of my closet with my shoes. I store my LV's in their dust bags and I stuff some of the bags to hold their shape.
  8. I have two on display, the frequently used on top of my drawers and some in dustbags :smile: the patina may slow down when stored in dustbags too.

  9. My bags are stored in their dustbags, on a shelf in my closet.
  10. Please do a search as there are existing threads on this topic. Thanks!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.