How do you store your LVs?

  1. I used to have only the mono speedy 25, and was pretty much contented with it, until I joined tPF (recommended from my local beauty forum).
    Then I added a Ribera MM, and a Naviglio is on its way to me before X'mas.
    and the scariest thing is - im sure this collection will continue to grow..

    My question is - how do you all store your LV bags?
    especially the babes like LVbabydoll and Sandra (I suddenly forgot how to spell your nick), whose huge collections I am so jealous of!

    In end-2008 or early-2009, I'll be shifting to another place.
    Thought of converting a spare room into a bag room, with wooden shelves with individual compartments to house the bags.
    will it be a waste of room? should I just put them in my closet together with clothes and other accessories?

    Please share how you do it! ;)
  2. I store mine in the dustbag, then in the box and i just stack the boxes :biggrin: for some of the LV's I use more often I have a drawer for them :biggrin:
  3. hi melopuff, are those boxes in your room? or a seperate room just for your beloved bags? :drool:
  4. Haha no my room! I wish i had a seperate room for my bags! I think that im going to build myself a shelf for my bags!
  5. i store the one (yes one) bag i used the most in its dustbag. the other (only 1 other LOL) in its box, both in my closet. i hang my cles up on a bulletin thing i have next to my desk for easy access (it holds my school id) and my wallet inside its fingerprint/cloth thing inside my speedy. hehehe
  6. You're from SG too!

    I bought a closeted shelf for my bags (in them dustbags dropping in some silica) and threw in some mothballs at the bottom of the shelf. :smile:
  7. I store my bags in 2 upper shelves in an armoire in the master bedroom. While I don't keep them in their dustbags, I stuff them with "air pillow" packing that you get when you order stuff in the mail. That way they keep their shape and don't flop around (especially the denim baggy GM and PM).

  8. Me too. :yes:
  9. i store them in boxes (the bags that are more structured) and dustbags (the bags that dont mind having another bag on top of it) in my closet. i wish i had a "bag" room
  10. I have a room just for my purses. I store them sitting on their dustbag and each purse has it's own cubby-hole compartment and is stored with air bags to keep it's shape so they are clearly viewable when I go to choose a purse. The room is kept cold and dark to help control patina.
  11. They used to have cubby holes in my wardrobe now there's too many so they oved to the top shelf but there is too many for there too I need a better solution (selling bags NOT an option LOL)
  12. mine is simple... I store my bags in a dustbag or if they came with boxes, I'd store my bags there the closet
  13. i keep them in my closet :]
  14. On top of each other in my closet in their dustbag. :p
  15. in closet, i don't have many clothes, plus for bulky item like sheets, comforters, it's being stored in Space Saver vacuumed bag, plenty of room for more to come.....except my bank is crying the other way....