How do you store your LV

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  1. I looked to see if I could find this thread but nothing popped up, maybe I didn't go far back enough but anyways its here now...

    I'm just curious how your store your finer things in life ;)

    I don't have much but i'm always looking for the best way to organize my items :smile:

    I have a smaller bag and my receipts in the large box that my Westminster came in

    Please share how you store them! and post PICS!

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  2. there's this thread...
    where/how do you store/collect/display your LVs??

    Lot's have posted photos and comments.
  3. Like a hot mess. I'm not too worried though cause they're all stuffed with bubble wrap to keep their shapes. I need to learn some organizational skills.

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  4. And I need to find room for this baby!!

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  5. I store it in my closet 😃 ImageUploadedByPurseForum1393830448.810306.jpg
    usuAlly there in the dustbag!!!😊

  6. I want a closet like yours!

  7. thank you! it's really just an ordinary closet - nothing fancy! lol but i like it too...😊
  8. The SA told me not to store my LV items in the boxes, do you all find that true? Mine currently are in the closet w/o dust bags. Do they need to be in the dust bags when not being used?
  9. here's mine!

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  10. that is true. keeping you handbags in the box will cause cracking to the canvas. that's what someone else had told me here.

  11. I'll put them in the dustbag but not into the box. leather has to breath, so keep it im their boxes is probably not perfect for them. the dustbag is perfect to avoid dust, humidity and light (UV). IMO that's best.....😉

  12. looks awesome!!! love it!!!😃
  13. I knew there had to be one! haha It was too far back (3 weeks I think) on here thats a lifetime haha

    I loooove how everyone stores them! I saw in the other thread that one of the ladies took Ikea boxes and cut out the front and put plastic so she could see them. I've read that your not suppose to keep them in the boxes they come in. Would any box cause them to crack or specifically the original boxes. My apt is usually around 72
  14. I store mine out of the dustbag and on shelves in my closet, it stays pretty cool in all seasons. I've had my hubby build and install more shelving to accommodate my obsess...I mean collection... Yes that's what I mean.
  15. dust bag and stuffed in a closet