how do you store your lambskin wallet inside your bag?

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  1. After debating what color I should get, I finally get the navy cambon wallet and very happy with it.

    but now I'm nervous to put it inside my bag, worry that the leather will get scratched with other things in my bag.

    So now I'm wondering how do you guys store your wallet in your bag? do you use a dust bag or cover it with anything?

  2. Some bags have a little extra pocket on the inside of the bag, so I put it in there. Otherwise I don't really have anything that will scratch it in my bag, I put my keys in a key case ( I am dying to get the LVCles! ) so it won't hurt my wallet or the inside of my bag. :smile:
  3. i use a GST most everyday & keep my lamb classic flap wallet in zip compartment alone...
    nothing to rub against it...i will tell u its more durable than u think...have it for over a yr & looks brand new even w everyday use...
  4. Great thread OP! I've been wanting to know about how to store lambskin wallets and have been afraid to purchase for fear of ruining the leather. Thanks OP! :biggrin: