How do you store your hosiery?

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  1. I need help! I don't know how to propery store my pantyhose and tights without causing a jumbled mess. I want to start wearing tights more with Fall coming up, but its a hassle to find them when they are all mixed in.

    I have this chest of drawers:


    and my tights are stored in the 2nd drawer (underneath the small drawers). The tights share the space with my gym tank tops.

    So what is the best way to store hosiery?
  2. Yes it is. Funny thing is that the small drawers are all occupied by my gym socks, bras, undies, etc. This thing stores a ton, but I can't seem to be organized in it!
  3. I fold the legs of my leggings/tights together (into one) and then I fold the "one leg" in half (waist to toes) and do a twist knot. It keeps them from being tangled.

    You can probably get organizers at the Container Store or Ikea for your drawer.

    Another idea is to get some ziplock bags and put each pair inside. You can fold them and tuck them inside. You can label them if you want. This way, you can see the color and style without taking everything out. Hope that helps!