How do you store your Hermès scarves?

  1. I was looking for ideas/suggestions on storing scarves for easy access. I currently keep them in their boxes, some even 3-4 to a box, but they're often a pain to access. I'd like to just be able to grab the one I want and go -- sans any f@rting around.

    I like Dressage Queen's method (the window envelopes), but I was wondering what other scarf lovers/collectors do. Is there some type of special scarf hanger out there (similar to a tie rack, maybe)?

    Any suggestions would be welcome ;)
  2. i would like to know too. i don't even have boxes for mine.

    can i also ask- how and when do you clean them? do you just steam them every once in a while?
  3. ^^^^I've drycleaned and handwashed them. They come out beautifully either way, but, of course, handwashing is cheaper ;D
  4. I dry clean my scarves. But I did get a recommendation about which cleaner to go to from my SA. I wouldn't trust myself to dunk the scarves in a bowl of suds myself.

    There's just something about the orange boxes themselves that is so iconic that I can't bear to part with them. So I'm afraid I have a pile of boxes each with their original scarf in. Access is a nightmare but it does feel like a rediscovery every time I open a box to find a scarf I haven't worn in a while.
  5. I have put about 10 hangers in the back of my closet and I hang all my scarves there. That way I can see them all and then figure out which on I want to wear
  6. Angel,

    I clicked on the link but the pics are no longer showiong up. doyiou have any pics to upload
  7. ok another scarf question (since i voewed i would not start another scarf thread): i accidentally ripped one of the stiches out of the care tag on one of my scarves. i cannot sew to save my life. would you leave it or bring it to someone to fix? does it matter? i'm not planning to resell but if i ever do i know it needs to be the same color and i'm not sure what to do.

    and a huge thank you to dq! that is an awesome idea for the scarves. i'm going to buy those envelopes now!
  8. same here, i would like to know.. i don't have much scarves though....twillys and pocket squares here and there....
  9. I label the outside of my boxes with the name of the scarf. I must caution folks that silk does not like to be exposed to the air for long period of time. Amongst many of my ventures (WAHM mom, H collector, pomeranian wrangler), I own a bridal salon, the silk dresses after being exposed to the air begin to yellow quickly from pollutants in the air. Thats why it's alway best to store silk with acid free tissue paper in a dark area.

    Hermes used to make a wooden scarf cube ( don't know if they still do) where the scarves hung on dowel and you would open the cube from the top and pick the scarf that way. I think they were rather expensive though (around $2000 five years ago).

    As far as cleaning, I only spot clean my scarves at the cleaners. I never have them press it. If my scarves are beyon wrinkly, I fold them along their creases, put them in between two towels, and iron them myself. That way I restore the original folds and keep the hems plum at the same time.
  10. I use a shallow drawer (or two), the way they store the scarves in the stores. I fold the square over (loosely) one more time so that it's a rectangle and place them in the drawer with some overlap, but still visible enough to identify and pick out. The drawer is properly lined, of course.
  11. In their boxes, labeled. It's bulky, but, I like seeing towers of orange me that warm fuzzy feeling.
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  13. Thank you Dressage Queen. You truly did amaze with that thread! :yes:
  14. thanks, angelfish!!

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