How do you store your HAC ?

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  1. How do you store your empty HAC, to avoid the leather bending ? Stuffing it with smooth pillows ? Laying it flat ? Hanging it on a hook ?
  2. #2 Oct 12, 2010
    Last edited: Oct 12, 2010
    Don't hang it on a hook - the handles will suffer. Stuff it AND lay it flat, HTH :smile:
  3. If you can get a new cloth cover from Hermes. That would help too for storage.
  4. I store it exactly the way I got it from the store. Air filled bags stuffed inside, bag inside the cloth bag and then the entire thing in its box.
  5. OK, but for a HAC 50 there is no box :smile:

    I will use the cover, fill it with a soft pillow and lay it down.
  6. I just stuff it inside and let it sit
  7. for the 32, and 40: stuff w/ travel pillow and let stand, dust cloth don in reverse ~ top down.
  8. Don't you wish that someone can invent a blow up baloon in the shape of birkin bags that you can insert into the bags and pump?... But I have realised that if you use the paper pillows that comes with the bag, keeps the bag smelling fresh and new.