How do you store your H bags?

  1. I have been wondering this already for a while now..
    At the moment I keep all my H bags in their own dustbags and boxes. However I keep wondering if they could survive "out in the open"..:upsidedown: I have seen all these celebs showing off their wardrobes and their Kellys and Birkins are happily standing on shelves without any protection! :shrugs:

    I would actually like to see the bags but I'm afraid that I might make damage to them like that. Also the boxes take lots of useful storage space, which is also a small problem in my small dressing room. What do you prefer? :confused1:
  2. In the dustbag, in a box, in my closet :yes: I think as long as you maintain the leather on Kelly or Birkin bags, though (IE Sending them to Spa every so often) they could be displayed without the dustbags with no damage.
  3. i do prefer to keep in box, sometimes i dont use dustbag.

    but yeah, those boxes take up a lot of room.

    i dont want to emulate celebs except in their wealth. they dont know everything
  4. I haven't kept any of my boxes so mine are kept on open shelves. I change bags all the time and I prefer to be able to see my choices plus I'm just too lazy to bother with putting them away after each use.
  5. Right now, my one and only H bag (Kelly) is in it's dust bag inside my closet as I don't use it in the winter much. When spring/summer comes around, it will just sit on the shelf, sans the dust bag.
  6. Out of the boxes but in the closet, with closet door closed. NY apartments have mysterious dust accumulations...
  7. out of the boxes, in their respective sleepers.
  8. in the dustbags, walk-in wardrobe :smile:
  9. me too, they are stored in dust bags and boxes....
  10. Personally, my one and only Kelly stays in her dustbag in her box, but.........

    I think it also depends on the climate you live in as well as the skin/leather of the bag. I have heard that certain skins/leather need a certain amount of humidity (or not) and others need to "breathe". Maybe an expert can add to this.
  11. Thank you all!:tup:

    Maybe I will now get rid of my boxes (or store them in to my cellar or something) and just keep the bags in their sleepers. Easier and I can see them at least a bit more often :lol:
  12. I put all my bags the the glass cabinet where I can see them easily. :smile:
  13. I store them in their respective boxes, always in their beauty sleep position. I like to preserve their shape. But in so doing, I forget what I have! :push:
  14. I think it depends on where you stay. When I'm in sydney, the weather is really dry, and sometimes i get lazy i don't keep my bags after use. Although i don't recommend doing it, but the bags look okay even after awhile outside. But if you stay in humid countries like Southeast Asia. It's definitely a big NO! Not only will you need to keep them in dustbags, you might even need a dehumidifier.
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    Have you thought about clear Avery labels? I just went thru the scarf collection and labeled the boxes with what is on the little tag that's on the scarf. I goofed on placement and lifted it off and dropped it down a hair's breath and the orange from the box did not lift with the label. Perhaps you might find this a good thing to do for your purse boxes too.

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