How do you store your Gucci?

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  1. Hey Ladies...
    Over the weekend I was tidying my bag / purse collection and realised I could do a better job than just throwing them all onto a shelf!! Now I might keep them upright in their dustbags. So, I was wondering, how do you store your handbags?
    Ideas in managing / storing bags?
  2. I stuff them with small pillows I buy at Ikea. Then store them in their dustbags.
  3. Great idea!!
  4. you all make me seem so bad. I just leave them in the study without a dustbag and with everything it. Bad mama :shame:
    Does everyone do this?
  5. I dont have a dustbag....can i store them in a pillow case lol
  6. On a shelf in my closet, no dustbag. Easier for me to choose a bag when I can look at all of them.
  7. same here:yes::shame:
  8. I keep mine in dustbags stuffed with white tissue paper( though small pillows are a good idea!). I figure that if the dustbags are supplied with my purchases, then they are there for a reason!
  9. Tissue paper!!! wow you are motivated... wish I felt compelled to be that organised:love:
    Thank god I am the only one who does not keep them in their dustbags... (will get off my butt and do it one day)
    have been thinking about a better way of managing them ... especially if you rotate!!
  10. i stuff them with old clothes so there is no sagging in my hobo.. and then i put it in it's dustbag and in my gigantic LV box :smile: so its dark and they can have a good rest when they're not out partying with me :biggrin:
  11. In dustbag and I keep all the airpillows from my online purchases, when I'm out of those, I use old very soft tee shirts, and whatever else I can find, but I don't overstuff, then I put in dustbag and place kindly on shelf. Sometimes, for visual interest, I leave out of dustbags just to look at, but each bag has her own place. That's why I can't have too many, cause then I'd run outta places.... I need to post a pic of my Gucci, will do so soon!;)
  12. I just sit them in the guestroom on the bed in their dustbags. I dont stuff them or anything
  13. I don't stuff my bags either but they definitely go into their dustbags.

  14. I stuff them with tissue paper then I put them in their dustbag & put it on my shelf in my closet.
  15. They are stuffed and *dustbagged*, but I'm running out of closet space so they sit on a bedsheet on the floor of my study. The closet in my study is *full* also... time to clean up my mess.

    I think I will get some Ikea pillows too, sounds great!