How do you store your collection?

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  1. Just wondering how other Mulberry lovers store their collection. Until now, when not in use my bags have been kept stuffed with tissue paper & in their dust bags along the top of our bookcases. I am, however, running out of space (!) so am considering other storage ideas. Help me out here - how do you store yours?

    Thanks in advance!
  2. I do the same, all bags are fully stuffed in their dust bags. However, all my lilies are put in a box, side by side & stack on top is my medium lily. I also ask for the gift boxes whenever I can, they make storage so much easier as I can just stack them. This is just temporarily until we move, then they will probably go on the shelves & my DH's stuffs will probably get moved to the utility room ( he doesn't know that yet lol)
  3. Mine are stuffed with tissue, in dust bags, in separate little square compartments in my wardrobe. I only have two mulberrys so far, and I have space to store 5 like this.. Better get buying!
  4. I stuff all my bags with tissue paper and put them in their dust bags I have built shelves into a cupboard to store mine and am hoping to put glass doors on and leave them out the dust bags,

    The ikea expidit I think work well too
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  5. This is exactly what I do too!

  6. How do you know when you have a bad handbag habit? When you drool over their shelving in my case!
  7. I hang all mine from my wardrobe handles. I can't wear them all every day, but I can look at them.
  8. Some on display - I take the stuffing out and put it in the dustbag, then pack it with the filled dustbag. Means the right dustbag stays with each bag and it's quick and easy to remove ready for use.
    Others are stored stuffed, in their dustys and then in boxes.

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  9. You've put me to Shame :smile: lol is the a limited edition sparkly cuff I spy? I've never seen one before it's stunning :smile:

  10. Absolute heaven!
  11. Wow a treasure chest!! I love them all!!
  12. All, thanks for sharing! So many choices for when it's time to store all of my my new Cara backpacks! :lolots:

    Seriously though, thanks, it looks like cabinets might be the way to go.

  13. Haha that's if I've not brought them all first!! :smile: I'm going to get a small cabinet for my room for my day to day bags so I can grab them quick :smile:

  14. Stupendous!!!
  15. Wow.........

    Beautiful just doesnt sum it up. Your collection is stunning Mo. I bet theres more hidden somewhere too :biggrin: xx