How Do You Store Your Birkins?

  1. I did a search and couldn't really find exactly what I was looking for. Maybe I overlooked it somehow, so I apologize if this has been asked before.

    I was wondering how everyone stores their Birkins? Do you display them? Keep them in their dustbags? Keep them wrapped in their boxes when not in use? I ask because I always kept my other bags cleaned and re-wrapped in their original packing/boxes when not in use....until I read a thread in Chanel that stated storing bags in their boxes causes molding. Has anyone had this problem? I am new to H, and the last thing I want is mold on my babies!

    Any help is appreciated! TIA!
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    After a few days' use, I leave it to air overnight in an airconditioned room, then pack it back in the box, stuffed with the airpillows. They are always in airconditioning so I don't worry so much about mold, but just to be sure I always have 'thirsty hippos/elephants' in the closet with them.
  3. I store mine with their air pillows, in the dustbags, resting on the tissue pillows in their boxes!
  4. ^^^me too!! but im thinking when we move ill get a custom wardrobe made for H and everything else.............
  5. Mine goes back in it's box with bubbles inside and in the dustbag......just as it came from the Hermes stork
  6. ^this has to be the best way of keeping them in mint condition - id love to see mine out and more on display but I want to ensure its kept nice...
  7. doesn't someone have a cabinet in their living room where the Bags are part of the overall decor?
  8. Yes petpringles
  9. I store them in their dustbags stuffed with their airpillows in my wardrobe. (but not in the box)
  10. That must be a lovely view! Would love to see that :biggrin:.

    If I had a H. bag I think I'd store them in their dustbags, stuffed with their airpillows.
  11. I do this too, most of the time. I always put in the bubbles and store them in the dustbag not always puting them back in though. That depends on when I plan to use them again!:biggrin:
  12. Thanks everyone! Keep it coming!

  13. Similar here: if I think I'm going to use the bag the next day, I happily just leave it out as it is.
  14. Me too.
  15. I've posted this already ages ago so some have already seen it. This is how I store my H bags ... in my closet ... and they're stuffed with the air pillows inside.