How do you store your belts?

  1. I'm trying to get organized, doing spring cleaning etc. and I cant figure out a nice, tidy way to store all my belts.

    I usually keep them hooked around the neck of a hanger, but I have too many now and it gets too heavy and messy.

    Do you guys have any neat contraptions for belt storage?

  2. I had my husband install one of the coat hook thingies in my closet with 10 hooks on it. I use that for my belts.
  3. i dont have that many belts... i just hang them off my mirror.
  4. I roll them and store them in a sock storage container in a drawer
  5. i have that belt holder thingy...
  6. I have two belt hangers, that have nine hooks each on them. I like that I can move them from place to place in my closet rather than have them in a fixed spot.
  7. I put my leather belts on the clothes hangers and the silky or lighter belts neatly folded in a drawer.
  8. I roll them and keep them in a drawer--not necessarily the best solution, but it works.
  9. There's a hook in my closet and I just hang them in there by the buckles.
  10. Hmm. I don't own a single belt. What do you gals wear them with??
  11. Oooh...I like this one. But yeah, thats the dilema I have now putting them around the neck of a hanger, you have to take them all off to get the one in the back. Whats this moveable belt hanger someone mentioned?
  12. on the same racks i have installed in my closet for my bags.
  13. I have an extra bureau drawer for mine. I only have 6-8 though. Many more and I will have to investigate other storage options.
  14. they all hang on my treadmill that we don't use. Probably not what you guys do huh?