How do you store your bags?

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  1. In their dustbags, surely, but how do you store your bags in order for them to best keep their shape?
    Especially my larger bags, Bayswater and Piccadilly, I feel a need to stuff with towels when not in use. Any tips?
  2. I keep them stuffed in their dust bag and lying down on their back (if that makes sense - Sorry for my English) in my cupboard dedicated to my bags and scarfs - I might post a pic later. This way I am sure to avoid any creasing..
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  3. Here you go.. [emoji6] IMG_1841.JPG IMG_1843.JPG
  4. Ah! On their backs was clever! Will rearrange mine tomorrow!
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  5. I store the same way too after trying different ways, pleased I’m in good company
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