How do you store your bag?

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  1. I wish I have space and/or a dream closet. Right now, all my purses are on top of each other by the floor inside our closet. Most are stuffed with paper and inside their dust bags. I know they deserve more than that, but that's just how it is right now. Even with stuffing, since they are on top of each other, some are squashed, wrinkled. Poor, poor, babies.

    Just curious how are you treating yours?

  2. I have storage towers for most of them, but some of my smaller crossbodies go on( DIY) padded hooks on the back of my bedroom door. I also have an elastic strap that hooks into my closet door with little plastic tabs I can hang purses on. I keep my wallets and wristlet in a drawer in one of my towers. I'm in the process of talking my hubby into making me a purse room.
    They're also stuffed and in dust bags or pillow cases.
  3. I have huge Rubbermaid bins in my closet. All my bags are stuffed either with paper or clean towels, in their dust bags, lined up in the totes.
  4. I found I wasn't changing my bags for long periods of time so I changed up how I stored them. Instead of keeping the bags stuffed with whatever and stored inside the dust bag I stuffed the dust bag with bubble wrap and then stuffed it inside of the bag. I found that I would change bags a lot more often when it wasn't such a pain to find the bag, take it out of the dust bag and take the stuffing out of the bag....and then have to reverse the process with the bag I was moving out of. Once I changed how I stored them, I change out of them frequently. My bags are on shelves in a closet in an extra bedroom that I turned into a mini gym. I keep the closet doors closed and I forgo using the dust bag and just keep them's worth it to me.
  5. I have all of my current bags on shelves in my master closet divided up by style. I don't store them in their dustbags but I do stuff them. Wallets and wristlets are arranged by size and color in drawers, and fobs are hanging on a board.
    Seasonal and specialty bags are in another closet stuffed, and in a dustbag awaiting their turn in rotation. Bags I'm considering selling or donating go into a 3rd closet with other items I'm getting rid of.
    I also empty my bag out at the end of every day and put my items on a table in my closet so they are ready to be thrown in a new bag to carry the next day.
  6. ^ This is how mine are stored too. I only have about 3-5 per bin, because I don't want any to be squished too. I am really particular, lol!
  7. My purses are stored in a spare bedroom that serves as my office/dressing room/lounge/purse room. I have some closet shelving/organization cabinets on one wall and a bookcase on the other wall that hold my bags. I have my SLG's in cloth baskets. I have to see my bags because I like to coordinate with my outfits so I don't put them in dust bags but I stuff them. I'm going to paint and decorate my room over the summer when I take some time off work. I have a few bags in my master bedroom closet stored high on a shelf but I don't carry them very much.
  8. That's clever. One of my issues too. Having to take out the stuffings each time i switch bag. Might try that. But wouldn't the plastic harm the bags?
  9. Nice. I can picture it very organized. My someday...:smile:
  10. Dust bag. No dist bag. Dust nag. No dust bag. If i have a proper closet, i might also forefo the dust bags. Aside from having it easier to plan outfits seeing the bags, i'm sure i'll feel giddy looking at my humble collection :smile:
  11. I also store my SLG's in plastic bins that slide under the bed.

  12. I think you might have meant to quote me, the answer is no, the plastic bubble wrap doesn't hurt the inside of the bags at all. I prefer the bubble wrap over paper for a specific reason, silverfish.

    After Katrina I had what little stuff we had left packed in cardboard boxes and in our upstairs half story attic space. As supplies and stuff were brought in, so were more cardboard boxes. There are windows up there and plenty of ventilation, but that cardboard along with the dank wetness that was everywhere brought in the silver fish. I had to go all postal on them before we rebuilt. So now, I have an natural aversion to having unnecessary cardboard or wads of paper in my house than is absolutely that is why I use bubble wrap and plastic before paper and cardboard.
  13. Cool! I always love seeing other peoples goodies!
  14. I have a cabinet in my room, so they are in there in the dustbags, stuffed for some.. others aren't depends on the bag.. they are loosely piled but admit i don't own many bags..
  15. I have a similar type of clear plastic bin that I keep my SLGs in too. It works great to keep everything together, keep the dust out, and easy to see everything.