how do you store speedys? is folding bad?

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  1. just wondering..when you are not using your speedy, do you fold it up and put it back in the dust bag, or do you leave it normal and try and cover it up somehow?? TIA
  2. Leave it on the shelf in my wardrobe. I like to see all my bags so I can coordinate my shoes and clothes.
  3. I only keep my seasonal and limted editions in the dustbags.
  4. I usually fold mine back up and put it in the dustbag....I don't have a lot of room in my closet so I'm forced to do that!
  5. i keep it propped up in a big red box my mom got from dooney a year ago. :smile: the longer you fold it the more permanent the creases become but some other girls dont mind the creases so its ok. ;)
  6. i just lay the dust bag over the handles...too lazy to fold it up everytime.
  7. i have mine in a pillowcase so i just have it normally in the case., it's probably a little smooshed.
  8. I always make sure to ask for a box when I buy my LV's so that it's easier to store them. I always fold them back into their dust bag and then put them in their box. I stack the boxes in my closet.
  9. i put old clothes I don't wear in my speedy to keep it stuffed in my closet...but the more bags I get I won't be able to do this anymore.
  10. i stuff them with air pillows from eLuxury and keep them in their dustbags
  11. When I had my speedies :nuts: I used to fold them:

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  12. You don't have your speedies anymore?
  13. ^^those speedies are gorgeous irene! ;)
  14. I keep them stuffed with old clothes and keep them in old pillowcases...that way they don't have the creases in them when I bring them out...
  15. good idea with the pillow case!! thanks