How do you store small items, and anybody have a Pop C stock pic?

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  1. So, I was wondering how y'all store your small items - like wallets, mini skinnies, wristlets, etc. Small boxes, all in a big box together, or another way? To compare and contrast, how do you store your bags? Like, bags in boxes and small items all in a box together? Or what.

    Also, if you have several scarfs, how do you store them? Do you leave them tied on the bag you most often use it on? Take it off and fold it up? In a small box folded? Hanging?

    I'm starting to accumulate scarves and just not sure how to store 'em!

    Also, I have stock pics of most of my stuff, but I can't find a stock pic of a Pop C medium skinny ANYWHERE. I've tried ebay, google images with a number of different searches ... nothing! Anybody wanna help me out? :graucho:
  2. I have all my small accessories separated out from one another... I use a bigger plastic bin to store my wallets/wristlets/mini skinnies and cosmetic cases together... then I use a smaller plastic bin to store all my keyfobs and another small plastic bin to store all my scarves, which I actually fold up, I don't leave my scarves tied on my bags while they are sitting in the dust bags because then they stay wrinkled and all twisted (if that happens I just iron them), but to keep them neat and organized I keep them folded...
  3. I keep each purse in its own box, and then I have 1 large box for all my accessories - wallets, key fobs, scarves, sunglasses, receipts etc. I keep the keyfobs in the box they came in (i only have 3). Scarves i keep in 1 small box (i think a wallet box).
    And yeah i take the scarves off the purses when not in use. I don't like when they get all wrinkled.
  4. I keep my wallets, wristlets, small leather items, etc. together in a dresser drawer so I can get to them easily. My scarves are stored folded in a small box tucked in another drawer. Fobs/keychains have their own small jewelry box stored near my other jewelry.

    Bags are stored in their dustbags in my closet on shelves.
  5. I have my charms/fobs in an LV box, my wristlets and wallets are in a wicker basket that I store on a shelf in my wardrobe.
    My handbags are in the wardrobe as well.

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  6. I have a draw three draws in my closet that I use for Accessories (wallet, wristlets, coin purses and scarves). I have another draw for Fobs and lanyard and one for my small bags..

    A few years ago DH created a closet system for our closet (mostly my closet) LOL and it was created around my bags and shoe addiction...:yahoo:
  7. I have an Ikea wardrobe for purses and accessories. I keep the little stuff in gift boxes or the drawstring bags from the outlets. I'm not the neatest person, I'll forget I have something and come across it months later while digging through my junk - it's like shopping in my closet ha. Purses I just stuff with old T shirts and keep them on the shelves. My dust bags have managed to disappear.
  8. I keep all my little Coach things individually in the white mini drawstring bags from the outlet. I keep my purses individually in their drawstring bags from the outlet.
  9. I keep my bags in their dustbags on a shelf in my closet...except the really special ones I keep in gift boxes. The smaller things I keep in 2 large Coach gift boxes..wristlets and wallets and skinnys in one...sunnies, scarves and jewlery(in their dustbags) in another. And 1 big box of receipts!
  10. I store my bags in dustbags that I get the in. I always make sure I get one.

    At certain outlets, they give dustbags inside the bags... so if I can, I get a few extra.

    Accessories dustbag from Outlet for wallet/keyfobs = which are kept in a drawer.

    Large items are stored in a large Rubbermaid tote in my closet.