How do you store or display your purses/bags/handbags?

  1. I always keep my bags in their dustbags. If I have a box for them I keep them in the box, but I don't have boxes for most of them.
  2. just in dustbags.
    and if they didn't come with a dustbag, then I buy some from online to place the bag in.
  3. Always in dustbags.
  4. If I can get a box, I keep it inside of the dustbag inside of the box. I prefer boxes because they are easier to store, but some places just don't give them out.
  5. If there's boxes, they go in the dustbag then boxes. This applies to COACH bags only so far. My LVs are jsut in dustbags and so are my kate spades.
  6. I put them in their dust bag & then put them in the store bag that it came with when I purchased it. I can put about 3 purses to a store bag. I think I sound kinda weird now.
  7. I store the ones that came with dustbags in the dustbags alone, and if they're structured, they're stuffed. If they're slouchy, they just get shoved on the shelf. I haven't hurt one yet by doing that.
  8. I store them in their dustbags. I have all the boxes, but I never thought about storing them in the box. I probably would be too lazy to take them outta the box then the dustbag:biggrin: . Also, the bags I tend to use alot, I sometimes don't put them in their dustbags.
  9. I have only been "collecting" handbags since January. When I first got a few I stored them in dustbags -but they seemed so sad:sad: . I didn't change/use them very often because I couldn't see what I had. I finally took them all out, neatly stuffed every one of them with their dustbags and some extra tissue and arranged them neatly on my closet shelves. Now every time I walk into my closet I get to admire my lovely "collection" instead of trying to remember what was in those things:yes: .

    However, everytime I read in this forum I feel guilty, like perhaps I'm mistreating my assets... can't decide what's worse -them getting dusty, or not being used because I can't see them. It's such a quandry!!!:cry:
  10. The ones currently in everyday rotation, I keep where I can see them -right now I have my baby paddy sitting on my desk beside me, and 2-3 other bags in the room as well. All others sit in their dustbags, in my closet. Downside to that would be that i tend to forget what I have and use only the bags that I have around. I never use the boxes to store bags. (But I have most of my shoes in their shoeboxes, and dustbags, if they have)
  11. In dustbags. I only have a box for one of them, but I think a dustbag is sufficient and I think if I used the box as well, I will not use the bag as often as I should.
  12. In the dustbags, in their boxes for stacking. Same with shoes.
    Keeps things tidy and organised for me to find and use. I also put dry packs in when it gets humid.
  13. Just in dustbags, I never knew boutiques would give you just boxes if you asked! I might have to start doing that.
  14. I hang mine in my closet. I use the rod that I normally would hang hanger on to hand my bags since the rod can easily be removed. I don't usually store bags in their dustbags simply because I switch them up too often & like to have them out in order to decide what will look best with what I'm wearing.
  15. In their dustbags in a closet.