How do you store or display your purses/bags/handbags?

  1. Don't stack them. Keep them side by side on a shelf.

    Always keep them covered.

    Keep the paper that comes with your bags and when you put them up, stuff them with the tissue paper. That helps keep a nice shape. When I change bags, I exchange the paper and dustcover.

    Keep out of direct sunlight

    Keep away from heat vents

    Waterproof them (apple garde is good)
  2. We recently moved and I now, finally, have a closet all to myself. The closets in the house had plastic-coated shelves built in so my purses go on top of the shelf.



    But I'm running out of room!
  3. I keep mine stuffed w/tissue paper or bubble wrap and they stay inside their dust bags sitting side by side. Until I forget what's in the dust bags and I open all of them to find a particular

    I live in a 1 bedroom loft apartment and it has 6 closets! And they all came with really nice shelves installed in them. The closet in my bedroom is a walk-in and has one section w/5 shelves - that's where I keep my bags currently.
  4. Awesome closet space! I'm soooo jealous!!!!!
  5. One of the members here (forgot her name) actually take photos of her bags, print them out, and stick them outside of the dust bags so she can see what each dust bag contains. I'm thinking of taking up her advice once I get more bags in. :shame:
  6. 6 closets?!?!?! holy moly!

    anyways, i have 4 (for now) medium-sized cloth boxes and a large underbed cloth box that i put my bags in. when i have the time i'm going to take a bunch of polaroids and stick them on the boxes for easy access. oh, and when i was shopping for a new dresser i made sure to get one with the little shelves in the middle and that's where i put all my small purses and accessories- keyfobs, wallets, coin purses, etc.
  7. Not too long ago somone posted a site that sells an organizer that hangs each of your bags vertically, but unfortunately, I can't remember what it was!! Does anyone remember the site? I've searched everywhere to no avail!:sad2:
  8. heavensent posted this one a while back -

    Oops. It's not vertical though. I think I remember which thread you're talking about though.
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  10. Thanks everyone, that simply sarah site was the one
    I was looking for:biggrin:.
  11. ^^ that's a great website. I just checked it out. However, i still like to put my bags in the dust bags. :p)
  12. I think that the Container store has a handbag organizer also
  13. I like them in my dustbags too.
  14. Do you keep your bags in their dustbags?

    Also, do most people on this forum buy bags with the main intention to wear them out? Or is buying handbags a hobby (collecting)?
  15. I use all of my bags. I keep them in my bedroom on a bookcase. I don't use their dustbags, probably should but I like to see them all. :biggrin: