how do you store LOTS of scarves?

  1. i've never found a way to store my many scarves in a way i like -- either they're nice an organized but i can't see them all, or they're in disarray but easily visible.

    i spent HOURS on this today, and it's made me a little :nuts: :noggin: :wtf:

  2. I'm with you,... I need help with this too,. I have run out of scarf space! Need to clean out a dresser! Or add one!
  3. Have you thought about buying one of those tall jewelry armoires? The drawers aren't too tall so it doesn't feel like you're wasting a whole dresser drawer on scarves.
  4. I have 3 scarves only..and I put them in one Hermes scarf box. One at in tissue on top of it. Saves a little bit space that way..
    but if we are talking about gazillion scarves..I don't know..hehe:sweatdrop:
  5. Please bear in mind I am very anally retentive.....

    I only have Hermes scarves, so they are all in individual orange boxes. I store them on a shelf in my accessories armoire, then I label the box on the facing edge with my Dymo (black on clear...;) ) with the name of the design and the colourway (I have the same design in different colourways for some scarves). Then I have a computer disk box (white glossy thick board - thanks Martha!) that I store all the scarf booklets in year/season order in the same cupboard.

    Please take into consideration I am a (minor) collector!:shame:

    I also always fold them the same way hermes does, and put them back in the box with the edges uppermost.....but I AM anal, after all..........
  6. how frequently do you wear them? do you knot them or use the rings? i wish i were like you. or i wish you could come over and organize my home for me. :nuts:
  7. ohhhhh - I LOVE to organise closets!! When I'm having a bad day, I go and re fold and rearrange my wardrobes!! LOL - I'm sick, I know.......

    I probably wear a scarf twice a week, more often when I don't have a newborn (they dribble and spit up). I knot them and use rings....I can do all the knots in the little orange scarf books, but I probably only use four or five knots regularly....I would never wear a scarf as a bikini top, for example!!

    If you think that's bad, you should see my shoes.......
  8. OMG K! I have an accessories armoire too. I use my Mother's I inherited and it's become the piece I store my bags in, my scarves (each in it's individual box), underware, gloves, shawls, belts and some jewelery. I love it!!!! I never thought of the Dymo lables though. What a GREAT idea!!!!!
  9. Love your Bolide and scarf Shopmom!
    I store my scarves in their individual boxes in my Stickley mission/arts&crafts bookcase. It has windows so it looks really neat with orange boxes.
  10. i only have three as well. they're all stored in their respective orange box in my closet.
  11. I have a special drawer reserved only for scarves and shawls. I keep all my scarves and shawls there from Hermes, LV, Dior, Ferragamo, Celine and etc.
  12. dressage queen, it's all that dressage neatness and incredible attention to detail spilling over into your storage systems. Sounds a perfect system to me. A lot of my scarves don't have boxes, so they are folded in a scarf drawer. I have considered all sorts of creative alternatives e.g. draping them on those multiple hanger things for trousers but have never got around to trying anything (no dressage for me, as a happy hacker my general lack of neatness and discipline is clear for all to see.)
    I would be extremely happy if all mine were neatly folded in boxes, labelled etc. But they probably wouldn't stay that way. As I speak, there are four draped (in some disarray) over a chair in my bathroom,
    awaiting big executive decision: wear, wash or put away?!
  13. Lolo......we've got to come up with a system that works for you've got a few more coming and what'll you do when they get there???? I'm thinking that scarf drawer is gonna be pretty full! ;) :flowers:
  14. Sorry, it's Grands Fonds who has hers in labelled boxes. (very tired today, I am, and it's still early morning.) Dressage queen, are yours mainly in their boxes (labelled, too, I bet!)?
  15. Hi Shopmom, I have no storage problem in terms of space because unlike certain unnamed people I don't have to make space for oh, vintage Kellys, countless Birkins etc.... Scarves take up very little space in comparison of course! (Are you still caressing your new baby as we speak and are we going to get More Pics?!)