How do you store/display large numbers of earrings?

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  1. Over the years, despite giving them away by the bushel, I have accumulated an inexcusably ginormous collection of earrings. They are all dumped and jumbled in jewelry boxes, scattered across the tops of various pieces of furniture, and lately, in what may be the most pathetic attempt at organization since Paris Hilton lost her Blackberry, I have been keeping the 12 or so pairs most currently and frequently in rotation in a styrofoam egg carton.

    I don't know what I have, because I can't see what I have, and you don't wear what you can't see, so most of my earrings enjoy a life of unpardonable and needless luxury. I want them to work and earn their keep.

    Does anybody have easy, cheap earring storage/display ideas?
  2. I thought I had a lot, but you definitely have me beat!:P I keep mine in a drawer that has little compartments. You may want to check out what they have in the Container Store, if you have one where you live. If not, perhaps a craft store will have storage containers that are not too pricey. In the past I've used plastic storage cases that are meant for beads because they have a lot of compartments so you can see what you have. I must say it's a nice problem to have!:yes: :P
  3. In small boxes and containers -- jewelry boxes, little eggs, small bowls, the whole deal. I'd love a jewelry tree:

  4. I found an old cardboard-mounted picture of Mt. Fuji with a blooming plum in the foreground at a second-hand store, and used a push pin to make holes along the bottom edge and in the centers of the plum blossoms. Dangly earrings hang in a fringe along the bottom, and posts make the centers of the flowers sparkle. I have it hung from a gold ribbon on the wall next to my mirror. I also have the assortment of small dishes for frequently worn pairs. If I had a tree like that^^, it would need a LOT of holes (I could start a small forest.)
  5. Easiest thing in the world...

    Find or buy an old frame.
    Get some mesh wire or plastic mesh (like the kind I used to sew yarn into at the craft store).
    Take out the glass.
    Cut the mesh to fit and put it in the frame.

    Tada...almost all will hang neatly from the mesh. :smile:

    There are also several different inexpensive things you can purchase from online.

    Here is one for $11 from Nile...I've purchased many times from them - just check their shipping charges ahead of time.

    And if you really want to store a bunch - get a rotating one. :smile:
    NILE - Jewelry displays - Jewelry Boxes - Jewelry tools - Jewelers Supply - Showcase Display

    You can just hang them off the different levels. No need to get actual earring cards.

    There are lots of unique ideas out there that are inexpensive. My solution was not cheap...hubby bought me a jewelry armoire (spelling?) and it has lots of nice small compartments that help me separate out the different earrings.
  6. These are great ideas! You have all Inspired me! Thank you! :smile:

    I wonder if I could combine the Mt Fuji and mesh philosophies for ones with posts, if I found a big poster of a cherry tree or something and spray mounted it to a big piece of foam board, maybe I could just punch the ones on posts right through the picture into the foam board?

    And just keep a little dish of backs somewhere nearby? Hmmmm....

    Kat, it is not as bad as it sounds, remember almost none of mine involve either gemstones or precious metals, take away those few and the total value of my admittedly massive collection probably soars into the high 2 figures.
  7. At Bed, Bath, and Beyond I bought an earring container that had about 50 little boxes with a plastic cover top. I don't have that many earrings so they all fit right now.
  8. I'm also thinking about that, or a bead box thing, transparent, that maybe I could hang on the wall, and just use that for different colors of Wal-Mart 20 for a dollar microstuds.... (I have a lot of holes in each ear, and sometimes I am moved to rock it)

  9. Beautiful. :heart:

    But in my case, at least, because I have 3 dogs and a BF(!); only any good for things I wear everyday (and I don't wear any one piece every day!), unfortunately.
  10. I have a huge wooden jewelry box from Bailey Banks & Biddle that is entirely devoted to my earrings. It has two levels (the top layer comes out so you can get to the bottom, like a box of chocolates). On the top I keep my most frequently worn stuff- diamond studs, pearl studs, all my hoops, gold knots, basically all the most classic earrings I have. The bottom layer holds dangly ones and colored ones and generally more "fun" stuff that I wear out at night or when I'm bored with the stuff in the top layer.
  11. oooh chloehandbags I love that thing, all completely clear so you can see it all!

    I am starting to wonder if I should not involve Mr Puff in this project, I believe that our local home improvement store carries sheets of plexiglass... ;)
  12. I used to use a bulletin board for my dangle earrings, but I recently ordered this plastic screen with slots to put both studs and dangle earrings. It can hold 120-150 pair of earrings. Here's the link: Earring Screen

  13. Good idea! :idea:

    What about those clear plastic cases for storing needlework accessories? :shrugs: