How do you store away your HERMES??????

  1. Hello ladies! Ok...I've been religiously looking through all the threads here on the Hermes forum. Reading...reading..looking..looking...drooling (wiping drool..)..loving...obsessing...really obsessing....

    Now on to my do you store away your Hermes lovelies? Do you pack them away in there Orange treasure boxes and hide them in the closet for only you to find? Are they on display for you to admire from a far? Do you put them on the high shelves in the closet?? Are they on your dresser to admire as you drift off to sleep wondering about "what do I wear next with Miss Kelly? Will Miss Birkin get jealous?". Do you have a WHOLE room dedicated to the preservation of your treasures (locked of course!LOL)?

    I would love to see pictures on how you keep your lovlies. I have seen teaser pictures of some of our Pfers closets...some have TDF closets and hidden away in the corner are MULTIPLE Orange treasure boxes. Sooo can we see more????:graucho: :graucho: :graucho:

    (Quick note: I know that some members would like to keep private what lovelies they have and I completely respect that. Maybe cover up the lovelies and just show us the closet:p)
  2. Keep most of them in dust bags on top shelf of built in cabinet and an armoire. The ones I will be using (seasonally) are easiest to get to. Some bags that I do not use that much like 35c Birkins and suede bags, I keep in their box in a closet. In my next life, I will have a closet like Baggs and have glass showcases:smile: Actully, I did want to convert a small bedroom adjacent to the master bedroom, but was given "the look" by the DH. He wants to convert it into an indoor jacuzzi:rolleyes:
  3. i have one bag and keep it in the box when i am not using but bring it out everyday to sniff:whistle:
  4. Ooooo, I'll take a jacuzzi!!!! AND a closet-room too! My dream closet-room would have a chandelier, a chaise, glass shelves, old travertine flooring covered with area rugs so my tootsies wouldn't get cold, three-sided mirror, a dressing table and access directly into my To-Die-For bathroom that is completely my own.


    Now back to reality.

    I store my babies inside their orange sleepers on the top shelf of my armoire. My vintage bags are stored inside their vintage sleepers (which I scoured the earth for) on the top shelf of my closet because they don't get used as much as the others.
  5. LOL:roflmfao: this made me laugh out loud! I love to smell too.hehe. My DH thinks I'm nuts.
  6. Hehe, I want Baggs closet too.:nuts: Sooo lucky!

    Indoor jacuzzi....humm.... good place to relax after shopping!:yes:
  8. YES.....with special lighting too. You know, those inset spot-lights?

    hmmm......where's Baggs. Need a little closet help, I'm thinking.
  9. My entire closet is boxes! Sorry, no pics, can't find the digicam. I blame the dog LoL

    My other obsession (SHOES! :nuts: ) are nestled softly in their sleepers, just like my bags. I throw away the original boxes, and keep my babies in boxes with no names on high shelves! I look super organized, and servicemen or little sticky fingers don't go all Christmas morning with 'em.

    I just decided I need to take photos of them all and keep them handy. Maybe I'm getting old, but sometimes I forget what's where... or that I even own a pair!! :push: LoL
  10. I store my bags upright in their dustbags and I never threw out the air pouch so I keep it in the bags so it can keep it's shape. Each one is aligned by category, I have 2 shelfs for Birkins, one shelf for my Kelly bags, two shelfs for my other H bags and two shelfs for all my accessories, another shelf for my bracelets and charms and a dresser drawer for my scarfs. I'm just full of space! :roflmfao: Oh and my glass display only for my crockey baby!
  11. what's up D, need help?
  12. I need a whole new HOUSE, Baggsy..................
  13. I had California Closets redo my walk in closet-so that I now have purse shelves. My H bags sit next to each other in their respective dust bags, chatting all night long. They don't really talk to the LVs, which are relegated to a different shelf.
  14. Um...Uh...

    I wanna see this famous closet.

    I love closets. I love glass, I love woodwork. And I really, really love closets.

    Are there any pics? Pretty please?
  15. ^^ California Closets!!!!! :cursing: Never ever mention them in front of me woman!!!! Compressed cardboard and mass produced!

    You should have called me! :crybaby: